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Thread: Project: Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod

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    Project: Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod

    I will be calling this project the "Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod" we will be customizing the WWII Memphis Belle Bomber Military Case Mod into something special and added the "T2" touch to this new project.

    In case you missed it, on Memorial Day Bill Owen posted Corsair 900D WWII Memphis Belle Bomber Military Case Mod Guide to hand off the Dremel to Anthony Reynolds AKA THRASHER2

    Corsair 900D WWII Bomber Military Case Mod

    Hardware Specs

    • Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Desktop Processor I7-965
    • Corsair TX850M Power Supply or a Huntkey X7 1200W Power Supply with custom Sleeved Cables
    • Gigabyte G1 Sniper or ASSASSIN X58 Motherboard
    • Corsair 900D Custom Painted WWll Bomber Case with Custom Grills and BOMB front item
    • Swiftech Custom Water Cooling solution
    • 2X Triple 120mm Radiator custom painted green
    • 2X GeForce GTX 780 Video Cards
    • Corsair Vengeance® — 12GB Triple Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ12GX3M3A2000C10)

    Swiftech Parts List

    Qty. 2 - The Komodo™NV-LE (Luxury Edition) Part Number: KOMODO-NV-LE

    Qty. 1 - The Apogee™ XL Part Number: Apogee-XL

    Qty. 2 - The MCP35X pump Part Number: MCP35X-BK

    Qty. 2 - The MCRx20-XP (eXtreme Performance) series Part Number: MCR320-XP

    Qty. 18 - ½” x ¾” Lok-Seal™ Compression Fitting Part Number: 3-4X1-2-G1-4-CF-BK

    Qty. 4 - Lok-Seal Quick Disconnect Non Spill Couplings Part Number: QC-NS-BK

    Qty. 6 - 90° Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 90D-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK

    Qty. 4 - 90° Dual Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 90D-DUAL-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK

    Qty. 4 - 45° Swivel Elbow Lok-Seal™ adapter Part Number: 45D-SWV-G1-4-MFA-BK

    Qty. 4 - 15mm Lok-Seal™ Male/Female extension adapter Part Number: 15MM-G-1-4 MFA-BK

    Qty. 2 - 4-Way Lok-Seal™ manifold: this 4-way manifold Part Number: 4W-G1-4-TA-BK

    Special Items
    Qty. 1 mnpctech 480 version of with 4x 120mm "Sniper" grill

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    Here I will start taking the Bomber apart and thinking about a few new ideas for the project.

    Removing the decal wasn't easy.

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    More pic's of the case

    Some of the Rivets were falling off (I will be reattaching the rivets back onto the case)

    More great pic's of the BOMB!

    Here I will be cutting a piece of 3/16" Steel plate for the top of the case.

    The 3/16" Steel plate will fit like a glove after I do some measuring and small cuts.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Next i will be taping the top Steel plate piece to the top of the case with the side panels on.
    Test fitting the piece of 3/16" Steel plate

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    Sorry for the delay on reply's to this thread, its been a busy time working on two Corsair 900D at the same time.

    I found the greatest PROP for this Project

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    Here i am marking out the lines of the front panel.

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    After getting the front panel cut by a friends shop I started cleaning up the cuts and edges.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Fresh from the painters WOW!!!I will weather these painted Radiators later.

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    I was trying to finger out how to level out the front panel for the 3/16 metal piece.
    It came to me! I can use some green acrylic panels for the sides I had laying around the Mod Garage.

    - - - Updated - - -

    More shots of the side Panels and me making a Square piece for the front bay area which I will try to make it GLOW!.

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    I went to the local homedepot to try to find the rivets that were already used on the Bomber before and this is the closest I found.

    I will use these bolts to hold the Front Metal Panel to the front of the case.

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    I ordered this 1/4" thick cast acrylic Corsair 900D replacement window from Mnpctech, 900D replacement window

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    Looking good man!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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