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Thread: [Project Log] "Parvum|Beast" - Semi Sponsored Build

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    [Project Log] "Parvum|Beast"

    It's Build Time Again !!

    Hi Guys,
    since nov-december 2014, I have been working on a case design in collaboration with Parvum Systems..
    Basic idea was to take the Parvum Systems S2.0 case, Re-Design it,
    and build kind of a Monster Blue Energy tribute build ..
    I call it "Parvum|Beast" ..

    Here's a few pics of the original S2.0 case,
    And a few 3d renderings of the final design we made
    Big Thumbs Up to Justin and the rest of the crew at Parvum Systems for this,
    such great work and such great details !

    Hope you like the design

    Everythig in this little beast is going to be watercooled with parts from, and
    And all the PSU sleeving is from

    This Build is made possible By:

    Below is link/banner to my facebook side, Go like it and follow my future builds:

    Status right now is i am waiting for the last parts to arrive at my front door!
    So withing 2-3 days i wll start taking pictures of everything, and every step og sleeving, modding, waterblock polishing and everything ..

    Specs for the Beast are:

    • Mobo: Asus Maximus VI Gene z87

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k

    • PSU: Corsair AX1200i

    • Memory: 16 GB of HyperX "Beast" 2400MHz (Obviously )

    • GPU: Asus GTX 690 4GB

    Hope you guys like the renders and the design Idea

    Will be making step by step pics of polishing, sleeving and everything,
    so that people can see how its all done, and maybe if they dont allready know it, they can learn it

    Will update again once i have ALL the goodies at my door <3..

    Stay Awesome Bro's,

    BeckModz - Liquid Designs
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