Set to be one of the biggest games released this year Evolve changes traditional team based shooters from teams of 4V4 to 4V1. Why 4V1? 4 hunters bringing their strengths together to overcome and kill the 1 big bad monster. Each player chooses from 1 of 4 classes, Trapper, Medic, Support and my personal favorite The Assault. These guys are far from your hollywood movie poster models. They are grungy, salty, vulgar and always ready to dish the punishment!

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Before I start I want to give a giant thanks to

Gigabyte- Sponsoring a G1 Gaming M5 motherboard

EK- For sponsoring the watercooling hardware

Mainframe Customs- Sleeving

Phanteks-The more than fitting Evolv chassis

Here is our inspiration Assault class member HYDE! For those of you that have not played the BETA or were part of the big ALPHA here's the low down on Hyde. Hyde has three weapons, minigun, a flame thrower and poison grenades. Looking to the massive gauntlet Hyde wears this isn't for punching but the actual flame thrower, looking towards his back you will notice two massive tanks which will be part of the mod. As you can tell Hyde is not a clean character like most of the assault class. His method of combat is up close and personal so the paint for this mod will reflect that having scuffs, dings and scratches.


Is the coast clear?

Coast is clear!

Come on down EVO!


Sorry couldn't resist! Again a big thank you to EKWB for sponsoring the build with their amazing products!

Loving the industrial look of the Vardar fans, they will be getting some paint treatment to help them with the theme of the build but these fans are nice and solid!

To be honest the pictures online do not do these fittings a justice!

Extremely happy that EKWB agreed to send me one of their DDC PWM pumps as a day after this one arrived the one in my system failed!

The Supremacy series never disappoints! Can't wait to light this top up with some Orange fluid!

Always love the look of clean nickle shame it will have a 4770K in its face permanently soon

I like shiny things.....

Soon to be the tanks on Hyde's back!

Just something about craftsmanship on these reservoirs makes me go giggity inside.

Gigabyte knocked this one out of the park! Normally I am not a fan of primary colors on motherboards but this motherboard fits the theme so perfectly!

Dedicated sound that actually has some muscle to it!

The black on the PCB is very rich unlike some other faux black boards I have seen here recently.

The red on the VRAM heatsinks is a perfect match for Hyde's gauntlet!


Now these will not be the real internals for the build but it was a MATX motherboard I had laying around and GTX 760 that I needed in there for reference.

3/4 view of the Phanteks Evolv chassis and for around $150 bucks USD you cannot get a better MATX case in my personal opinion, the external panels are made from a thick aluminum with the internal structure being made of steel. All the panels on the Evolv are locked in place using pins, which unlike other cases that use the same method these actually stay locked in place. The entire case can be stripped in about 20 seconds and the doors can be lifted off their hinges.

The tanks will be mounted here but I will have to trim out some excess material that comes with the stock case to mount larger fans or dual 240mm fans. Still debating whether or not to recess the tanks inlet/outlet into the lower panel.

Baby got back!I have already started sleeving the Silverstone 750W Silver rated PSU using MainFrame Customs Paracord and will be working on having ALL of the cables in the case sleeved as I am a cable Nazi.

Down here will be where the pump is mounted and with the use of some P- Clips I will be able to neatly route all the cables.

Over all I decided to mount the rad up high and not in front due to the front panel having a very restrictive solid panel and even with the mods I was planning to do to the front it just flowed much better with being able to have unobstructed airflow up top. The nice thing about the Evolv chassis is that the fan mounts are slotted for one and they are offset to allow for AIO's and thicker rads to be installed without hitting the motherboard.

That's it for now working on getting the cables finished up for the PSU and will be working on some armored panels for the interior!