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Thread: umm, im back

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    umm, im back

    umm, hi

    looks like i havent posted for a while but im back for a bit, hopefully longer. just got a bit spaced form modding as i spent more time with my GF, AS exams, other stuff.

    ok, so lately i spray painted one side panel on my case as a test, waiting for the second colour coat (black) to harden before finish sanding (it keeps going through to primer then to metal ), got a new watercooling radiator, so my loop is undergoing leak testing, hopefully going in the case tomorrow, and i got me a PDA so im getting back into modding now that i have more free time.

    Happy Modding!

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    umm, im back

    Don't forget us that like seeing those pics. Glad to see you are back. Happy Modding.

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    umm, im back

    Welcome back!

    Hope the GF enjoyed all the attention you gave her or vise-versa ;-)

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    umm, im back

    i dont think so, she left me lol

    thanks for the great welcoming guys! i wasnt sure anyone would remember me, except as 'that guy who never finished a proper case mod' hopefully this next paint job will get done soon :P

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