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    new computer

    well it has been awhile since i have posted anything but i have bought me a new computer well i bought each hardware and put it all together but here are the specs.

    pc chips 478skt motherboard
    hitachi 250gb hdd
    intel celeron d cpu 3.06ghz
    kingston ddr400 pc3200 1gb (512x2)
    logisys all clear 550watts psu
    geforce 512mb video card
    creative sound blaster audigy 4 sound card
    creative inspire 7.1 speaker system
    sabrent tv tuner/fm tuner card
    acer 19" widescreen lcd monitor
    enhance modware hsf
    aspire black x-cruiser case that i paint the inside red and changed out the fans and fan grills
    card reader
    fan control

    here are some pics tell me what you think

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    new computer

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    new computer

    nice PC! wire management done nicely too. only thing id recommend is painting the front DVD burner and fan controller, but its not really that important as the case has a front door on it anyway

    Nice Work!

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    new computer

    Looking good. I like the color of the lights. What do the meters on the door read? Thanks for the pics. Happy Modding.

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    new computer

    thanks guys.I do plan on painting the dvd-burned and fan control but i really dont have time right now with going to from 12:30pm until 2:40pm then going to work from 3:30 until 10pm or later i dont have time.the meters read on the door it top vu for volume. middle is temp. and bottom is fan speed.the wiring took me about 4hrs to do but it turned out nice

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    new computer

    Thanks for the quick reply on the meters. I understand about how time consuming everyday life is and to find the time to work on your projects sometimes is hard to do. Just remember that we are a patient bunch and all we want is for you to take your time needed to do the job right so that you are happy with it and if we see anything out of place we will tell you.(Ha Ha) Really, take your time and we will do our best to be patient. Happy Modding to ya.

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    new computer

    this mods cool......i really like the way it glows in thedark and the way it looks

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    new computer

    yea it looks good at night

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    new computer

    sexulate :P

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    new computer

    nice, but i suggest mounting your HDD parellel to the ground. Its restricting airflow and may be causing higher temps when you dont need it.

    Other then that, it looks really good.

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