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Thread: painting side panels

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    painting side panels

    ok, so ive been painting my side panel over the course of the last week, got the 2 primer and 2 colour coats down with sanding in-between, as per
    the artice on
    , and on my finish sanding, i went through to primer in one tiny area! :x so now i dont know what to do. think that area may be raised up higher than the rest, because its on the edge, and it comes up a bit where they bend the metal over. what should i do? should i:

    A: just apply more colour to that area
    B: sand down that small area and primer/colour coat it again
    C:start from scratch, making sure the entire panel is flat from the beginning (most of its flat already)
    D: something i havent thought of (but you have, you clever person )

    im tempted to do C, its more work, but itll (probably) be worth is. the only thing is 2 coats each of primer and colour uses 1 whole can of each, and at £6 a can, i cant afford any more due to driving lessons and having to buy a new WC radiator. also, im gonna need 2-3 cans of primer and 2-3 cans of paint to do the whole case! thats £36 not including what ive spent already. so what should i do? any help appreciated

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    painting side panels

    If you only see primer (no bare metal), just apply more colour (i usually apply like 4 coats total), then sand again. no need to start from scratch.


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    painting side panels

    ok, but itll have to wait till i can afford some more then

    Thanks, Happy Modding!

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