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Thread: Quakecon 2015 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod Off Entry "Ultra-Violence"

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    Quakecon 2015 Modders-Inc Staff vs Staff Mod Off Entry "Ultra-Violence"

    Hey hey guys Nick Blackwell from Dirty South PC Mods here with another awesome themed build for you guys. This time it is based off of the Doom series of video games. This one I am going to call "Ultra-Violence" witch is the second most hardest difficulty level in the game.

    This project is brought to you by the good folks at Thermaltake

    Name:  TT-Logo_zps0a41c32e.jpg
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    First up lets take a look at the Case we will be using as a platform for our build. The Thermaltake Core X1 ITX Chassis.

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    Alright first thing is to get the factory paint off so I can get down to the metal for what I want to do.
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    I am using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner to strip the paint off.

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    I can't wait to see the: Ultra-Violence case at qcon!!!


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    Ok so the paint had a ceramic in it so the Easy-Off didn't work. But a 4" angle grinder and some 60 grit Flapper wheels rips that stuff right off.
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    I love my 4" grinder. I use it so much I have gotten almost surgical with it.

    Name:  IMG_4473.jpg
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    Ok you have seen me do a bunch of paint this time we are going to make rust. Remember always use the proper safety gear. What you are going to need is a clean empty 32oz sprayer bottle, 16oz bottle of Hydrogen peroxide, 8oz of vinegar, and 2oz of salt.

    Name:  IMG_4475.jpg
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    Now rust will form naturally on exposed metal over time. That's not something I have a lot of right now.

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    With this mixture we rapidly accelerate the process to a matter of seconds.
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    Awesome , can't wait to see where this is going! Subbed!

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    Ok so after a couple nights it changed to a darker color.
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    Time to play with my airbrush.

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    In the regular light you can barely see the Green but when you turn on a UV Light things change.

    Moving on to the Motherboard we will be using for our build. A MSi Z97M Gaming MATX motherboard. Keep in mind this is a ITX case.
    Name:  IMG_4527.jpg
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    Removed the heatsinks now since these are Aluminum.With the same process as the case. I will actually have to strip the anodizing to get to the raw aluminum to oxidize it.
    Name:  IMG_4529.jpg
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    Ok this is what it looks like after its been oxidized then shot with Matte Clear....Next is the mosfets.

    Name:  IMG_4532.jpg
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    alright after most of the anodizing has been removed. I decided to use the Air-Brush and the UV green on the spines. The center pieces were soaked in Drain cleaner for about 30 min then washed and scrubbed with a medium bristle brush. Then everything was coated in a Matte Clear.
    Name:  IMG_4535.jpg
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    Now I just gotta wait for everything to dry and put it back together.

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    Ty for posting pics!

    Coming along nicely!!


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    Here is a quick video on the rusting process.

    Ok we have a total budget of $250 value we can use for materials. This includes material you already have. So far

    I have used
    $25 worth of sheet metal
    $30 worth of sleeving
    $15 for a piece of aquarium hose
    $9 for the two cans of Rustolium Matte Clear
    $6 one bottle of UV Green Airbrush Paint
    That's a total of $85 $250-$85=$165 left for material. I'm trying to keep it as frugal as possible without compromising in quality, so you can see that you really don't need to spend a lot of $ in high-end material to have a nice mod. You just have to use a little imagination.

    Alright moving on to the radiators.
    Name:  IMG_4599.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4600.jpg
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    It's interesting to see the effect the solution has on different metals. Some oxidize faster than others. Alos used the Air-brush to add a bit of UV Green for the corrosive effect.

    Name:  IMG_4573.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4582.jpg
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    Ok so for the front. we took the black 200mm fan and painted it UV green, then took a strip of Green 5050 LEDs and put them on the inside. In addition to that they are hooked up to a wireless dimmer control.

    Here is a quick look at the effect the dimmer has.....Don;t worry about the clicking sound one of the LED chips was getting tapped by a fan it has been isolated.

    Ok so I was at $165 the LED strip was $15 /w controller, the can of paint I used is $4. So $165-$19 Leaves me with $140 left to play with.
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    Ok I'm back after a looooooong 5 days of no modding due to my hand being mauled by my cat.

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    Hey guys my hand is finally functional after getting mauled by my cat. Time to start cranking on the "Ultra Violence" Build....One of the problems I have encountered in this build is how am I going to make the plastic look old....It doesn't corrode like metal does...It just fades over time.....So I tried something and it seams to work.......Matte Clear......Spray the whole thing with a coat.....then come back and spray random spots again....keep doing it till you get the desired effect.....I think I might do a video on this one.

    Name:  IMG_4641.jpg
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    To get the effect I am going for. I need to cut a massive 200mm hole in the front panel.
    Name:  IMG_4642.jpg
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    Then hit it with the flapper wheel to strip most of the paint off.
    Name:  IMG_4652.jpg
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    Then after a bit of rusting, and UV green we have this.

    Name:  IMG_4649.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4650.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4654.jpg
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    Now that the case is done time to move on to the GPU. Going to be using a Powercolor R9 270X Devil. It's going to be staying air cooled just needs a bit of a makeover.
    Name:  20150618_165641.jpg
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    Originally it was Black and Red. It was repainted for a previous build so needless to say I need to remove the paint.
    Name:  20150618_170317.jpg
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    Name:  20150619_102655.jpg
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    It's soo cool to watch paint thinner do it's thing.
    Name:  20150619_115529.jpg
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    Ok for the GPU I am going to try a third method for making things look old. this method requires several layers of paint and salt?
    Name:  20150619_115840.jpg
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    First a layer of Red.
    Name:  20150619_120054.jpg
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    Then add a bit of Brown in random spots.
    Name:  20150619_121053.jpg
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    Once the Red and Brown have dried to the touch. You sprinkle some table salt in random spots.
    Name:  20150619_121339.jpg
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    Once you have sprinkled the salt. Shoot your top coat over the salt.
    Name:  20150619_140904.jpg
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    Then once the top coat has dried you shake/wipe off the salt. I am going to be adding a bit of UV green to mine.
    Name:  IMG_4656.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4660.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4659.jpg
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    Name:  20150620_110333.jpg
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    And there we go. now to do something about these wires.
    Name:  20150620_110856.jpg
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    Ok for the wires I am going to use a piece of Aquarium hose left over from my Filtration system. It's going to be used as a conduit for the front panel cables...Since it is plastic I am going to use the Matte Clear and UV Green trick.
    Name:  20150620_124152.jpg
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    Wires what wires.
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    Looking good Nick.

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"

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