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Thread: Bulldozer project - AMD Tribute

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    Ok, today i figured out i could have take a cabbinet and modify it for the thing i did in the end

    It seemed logical to make it like this instead of making it out of 3 parts...

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    Ok guys, today i got my first sponsors, i recieved a nice timely response from Phobya




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    Heya guys, tomorrow it will be ready for base and white paint , after that i will do cable menagment with some cable routers, and paint it all in the colours it is intended stay tuned

    I hope you can see how massive it is

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    Sweet! Great to see people doing it the old school way with power tools and their own two hands!
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Now that's real modding. Mad respect bro.

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    TNX guys, as much as i dont look like that, i grew up in Capital city of Serbia, nightlife etc... i was never the one who would skip out on being outside all day long, working on projects and stuff... i grew up in a house with a garage workshop!!! I INDENT TO GET MOST OUT OF IT!!!...

    Also an update
    So today i found out that the box in my wast basement wasnt just an empty box as i tought for last 6 years, inside was mint in box router

    *idiot right...he..he.....he. *

    I made cannals for acrulyc window i will be using

    and it will go here :

    also i got a bit pissed and redid the rooftop, AGAIN *5th time* ARGHHHH

    new system for easyer mounting with 2 steel bars...

    Also, tomorrow, as i found out i have router i will smothen all the edges down and give them nice curvy finish

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    Today i totally rebuilt the side pannels... one of those days when nothing fits, and i was so angry about it... so i had to do it right this time! I made them from far better quality wood, more precise, with new tools... looks 10 times better and works properly now (the sliding mechanism)...

    The wood is 10 times better, more compressed, easyer to manipulate.

    Got a template for 480... and did it right!

    Smoothen the edges...

    and the big ass drill for wider and "non-bend" blade for my saw

    And last, but not least, see the difference!!!


    Also, new sponsor... CoolerMaster.. more details tomorrow

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    Me again, to some it maybe funny, but i am full of emotions for this!

    Few days after i started working on this project, few people asked me what will i be using from components, and i said that i would be using what i had at the time or untill i find some sponsors... one of those parts was AMD Athlon II X3 450 that i was using... One guys, at the time a random guy on the forum asked me if i Phenom II 980BE would be an improvment untill i get cash to get new one or find a sponsor, i still dont have sponsor for the processor...

    Imagine me today when i heard from mailman that i have a package from France..

    I knew the guy for half an hour from forum and over PM on the forum... and he decided to help me in such a manner... It may not bet extraordinary, and such but it means allot more than just a processor... it means that there are still great people in this world, and a new hope risen inside of me just from this gesture!!!The moment i get new processor either from sponsors or i get some cash to buy it. i am gonna make special mount for this one, to shine as a simbol of respect, UTMOST RESPECT towords Blobster21 and people like him!!!

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    Guys, sorry i haven't been posting for a while, but it was holyday season here in Serbia, and i was kinda tortured by my neighbour i have been planing to rebuild chasis for the case from steel to aluminum, and i wanted to ask a buddy of mine who is professional welder to do the welds for me, but he refused and instead outh to teach me how to weld "If you want to do this as a hobby you need to learn how to do it... you will need it, you can use my equipment!" so i learned how to weld aluminum, and it is going quite well, nice clean welds hehe

    Also, if you are doing something, there isnt my way, your way, his way... there is the right way or the wrong way... took me some time to figure that out for myself

    Aluminum box tubes...

    Kind'a expensive :/
    Also, i will be doing aluminum case, and pics next time

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    Ok guys, i did it, i redid the frane in to an aluminum one and it turned out extra!!!
    you can see it on the video below

    The aluminum alloy that i am using is durafix, and it is insanely strong for welding, i did a weld and i smashed it with hammer trying to tare the weld and make the weld brake, the only thing that broke was the cube piple it self... and i used really small ammount of it..

    You can see here, i welded, well its more like soldered only 2 sides, see how much smashing it has been trough and still survived

    Also the frame and welds, few pics... it will be done tonigh, and finally i can start painting tomorrow, i switched entire case upside down... i ended up with 2 cases

    I hope you like it , also guys if you ever try to do these welds, they dont stick to steel, only to "Coloured metals" so you can use steel plate instead of the one i have been using, i used Azbestus boards so i can get my nails in and keep it all at the right angle... Be advised, azbestus is highly cancerogenic... and the fumes are really rough! but i needed to keep temp and it is extremely good insulator...

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