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Thread: Bulldozer project - AMD Tribute

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    Some closeups on the welds, and also the frame is finished, i even figured out how to fix the bend caused by heat to aluminum, tho the bend isn't big, 2-3 degrees it is still annoying and it bends entire body, all that caused because i dont have horisontal cubetube above the components (i left it open so i can tinker with it with ease... i figured few ways to fix that, and i hope you guys will like it...

    The 2-3 degrees influence in overall look of the case...

    it is causing the difference of about 1-2mm from one side to the other and it pisses me off.

    FIX! The simple solution.. threaded stick, with it i could adjust it all the pictures are low quality because of the lighting and my primary camera died... using camcorder to take photos

    loosening of the screw acts like a car lift, stretches the frame, and i got exactly what i needed

    Hope you guys like this

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    So, I was at Cooler Master office here in belgrade and i got some neat stuff

    1. A BOX:


    Really now here is the bundle:

    and power supply separate from that because of the bad quality of the picture

    What exactly was in the box:

    1. V1000 - Fully modluar 1000w power supply
    2. Storm Rapid-I mechanical gaming keyboard - cherry mx brown
    3. Ten CoolerMaster Jetflo 120mm fans with red backlight
    4. Storm Havoc 8200dpi Laser mouse

    Another thanks to CoolerMaster, they made me really happy more pictures along the way hihi

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    Shakmods, nice company, nicer people

    I recieved reply from Shakmods and they decided to make me custom cables for my V1000
    Thank you guys, it is more than just sending components, it takes time and effort to make sleeved cables and i understand how much hours they will work on these... Thanks again!!!

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    Here is an update, i didnt have conditions for more pictures, and i allreay had similar photos of steel casing, this is aluminum.

    I did few things that i didnt take a picture of, Rails were attached directly to the wood frame but now i added distancers and it slides allot better, Frame rails dont strech the frame anymore but totally oposite, they retract it now, making it more sturdy. Also the rail on wooden frame had its "toungue reduced so it can slide more to the end of the case, some screws got in the way and they are not an option for removal...

    I did the hood from the top, it is now out of 3 pieces, no longer the "bend around" method, and i made a hole and attached the 2nd PSU fan grill on the side. Also i did back mesh for the future grill on the front side of the case.

    Again, this is the way that PSU will go, but i will put some distancers so i can raise the platform a bit and it will allow me to make it 1-2cm wider.

    Again the case half way out, it is a bit bigger than last one but it was so i can increase area where the HDD's are going, i needed height so i can manipulate better.

    Rims to fill the empty space between the inner and outher case, , i will fix them when i finish inner case totaly and i have exact dimensions...

    I hope you guys like the progress so far and that you understand that English isnt my native language and that i am self taught so, point me on any mistake i might have made. Cheers

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    Fans fit perfectly Love how the distance between them isnt regular, its possible to squeeze them tight together and i am really good with that

    this is the top one, the one that will blow directly to graphic cards and cool them aditionally hehe

    Isn't it a beauty to see them like this, i will lower them to go at around 700rpm, i wont need them to go any more because i will make a sandwitch out of 2 radiators and the middle ones will go at 1200 rpm just to cycle the air between 2 of them

    It got a bit late and i couldn't take all the pictures i wanted, a bit tired...
    Also, i made my 6th and final rooftop XD

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    I finished the sides made of acrylic... the entire case is a bit rough, there is some things i have to finish, i got rims that will go instead of duckt tape but for now its like this...

    I admit, today its ugly as hell but with rims finished it will look much smoother and all.. its really robust, but i like it that way, it will be a piece of furniture in my room

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    It started to get final form, if you guys thought it looked big before, wait to see it now


    Still, much more work to be done

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    Ok, i know it has been a good long while since i last posted but i am happy to inform you that i am contiunuing my work and that i cleared another year in my faculty studying came first to this... sorry

    I took few of these at local shop here in Serbia ( Uradi sam / Do it yourself )

    I cut them to lenght and i made new tracks...

    ( mind the dog, she is dangerous )

    I figured out how to make the windscreen the way i want it to be, also spoon is done tomorrow when i take the rear suspension from Fiat Punto

    There is a bit more update some stuff came last week from AquaTuning

    Tomorrow i will make ubber update!!! I kept you in the dark for far too long

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    A few more days left, I will finish the mod before August

    As i didnt want to post pictures that make no sence, posting pictures where only i could see the difference, i waited a bit and once i had done things i deem'd made a change, i made a little walktrough around what i have done and around the case...
    The video is a bit on the longer side, and i got a bit confused with terminology i would be thrilled if you'd watch it

    I will grab some batteries for my camera and that is one of the reasons i used camcorder now, and i will take some nice closeups tomorrow, also i will most likely put primer on the drawer piece

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    UPDATE!!!, still not painting ran in to some work related issues :P but still sort of big update

    1) The "Nose job":

    2) FINALLY! Fan mount...

    3) Polyester filler :

    Hole for 24-pin done old fashion little plate style with |-type screws

    It still needs sanding before painting, i corrected the edges and everything on the bodywork of the core part, i got fittings, and i did a hole for 24-pin

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