Hi there, people. Some really scary shit has happened to me recently.
I am a regular guy living my life in a small city of 200k population, and, until recently, I could say that my life is rather happy, because I had everything - a good job (biophysist) and a loving wife (we have married a week before the accident I am going to tell you about).
Here, I need to tell you that I, my wife and my... ehm, boss (senior researcher) are gamers and they are found of GTA 4. Sometimes we were playing it online alltogether. But 4 days ago I decided to install some new mods on GTA 4 and started downloading them from a completely crappy website I wouldn't even name now as it has almost ruined my life, and my wife witnessed it. She was like: "Oh my fricking god, are you insane? How the heck did you even came up with idea visiting it, let alone downloading something through it!". "Darling, seriously, what's wrong? Are you mad at me just because I..." - I tried to reason her, but she interrupted me: "Shut up, you batshit insane retard, I am not going to talk with you until you realize the huge mistake you've made. Have a nice day, dog."
As you could have guesse, I was completely shocked as my beloved wife left our house. "Whatever, she probably just has "those days"", I thought. The next day I went to my job and I've finally understood, what a big mistake I've made. I caught my wife with my *boss* right on my working table completely naked, they were rubbing each other with... crap. Piles of crap. My *friend* *boss* was poopin on my wife's breasts at that moment. "Ha, do you like that, how do you like that, retard!" - boss said. My wife was moaning and she mourned, slightly: "Those poops smell so bad and disgusting, just like those pathetic GTA modding websites my husband has been visiting recently". Next they explained me how retarded I was and that I should have visited a decent GTA 4 mods website - http://www.gtaall.com/gta-4/mods/
Fortunately, we are still together with my wife and I am still friend with my boss, but I still feel bad for downloading mods from bad websites. Never repeat my mistake and always use GTAAll.com for downloading mods for GTA series.
Thanks for your attention.