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Thread: Assassin's Pandora Mod - by DSa

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    Hi Guys, back with an update, This is mostly the unboxing of the second mystery box and making the motherboard cover,
    So what was in the second secret box I got from DHL? Let's have a look

    Oh ok it's from EK.

    The EK-KIT L240 that EK gave me for this build. Let's take it out of the box and see what's inside
    Again I should mention the quality of packing, and this EK kit is well packed for safety of the products and they are actually inside individual boxes inside this box

    Let's take a look at the EK-XRES DCP 2.2 combo, this is the pump and the res for this kit.
    It's in a well designed box, first it's covered with a sleeve

    remove the sleeve there's the box

    Open it up and there's the installation manual

    Flip that cover and the Pump Res Combo and the accessories are inside protected by sponge underneath, and inside separate plastic packets

    and finally the mounting brackets below the sponge to make sure they dun scratch the pump.

    Same goes for the EK-Supreme LTX UNI CSQ (2013)


    Open it up, and there's the mounting kit and the installation guide.

    and then there's the block and the thermal paste

    Once again below the sponge (under the block) is the rear mounting bracket
    Here's the block

    Unboxing the EK Coolstream PE 240 Dual Rad

    Inside the bubble wrap it's the Rad

    Then The EK Vader F3-120 fans, there are two of them for 240 Rad

    They are not anything special, but high static pressure fans with 1850 RPM ( I won't be using them for the build)

    Last But not least the fittings and the EK Coolant Evo (concentrated)

    So coming back to the modding part. Here, is the motherboard cover I made for the Gigabyte GA-H97M Gaming 3 mATX board. This one I made by laser cutting unlike in my previous mods.

    Used red colour to add more detail to it.

    Then I painted only the top with white so to leave little bit of red colour and also to be able to add LEDs in future if I want to. So, how it holds to the mobo is in the design, the tight fitting of it makes sure it doesn't fall after connecting all the components, specially the USB3 connector and 8 pin connector with make it fit , but just to make sure I used double side tapes in some places.
    (Note that I have painted the mobo as well which I will explain in next update)

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    Hi guys, Back with a new update, today's update is the painting of mobo and WC parts and modding of the Blitz mem modules.

    So Ill start with the mobo paint, it was simple, cover the rest of the mobo with paper and tape, and first paint it with white then pain it with red (otherwise red will be too dark)

    So after paining the motherboard, I took apart the EK Rad and other WC parts and painted them in White.

    I got made the extensions using pre-sleeved cables and this is the theme i wanted to go with. i wanted to bring out more white and little bit of red to go with the build

    At the same time I bought the fittings for hard tubing, they are bitspower fitting, i wanted to get the small ones, but these were the only ones available.

    And now it's time to do the lighting work. added 6 red LEDs around the block as well, so now the block will glow as well

    This is the last step before assembling everything together. I wanted to make the Lighting of the Blitz memory to spread out evenly,
    so this is what I did

    I did this to all 4 mem sticks, In the following video you can see the difference between the original (on top) and the modified (bottom) mem stick lighting.

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    Hi Guys. a tiny update before final pics, I had a problem after this video, when I powered on the system I figured out that the mobo was faulty, so I had to send it for RMA.

    SO after that only I repainted the block, painted the screw red and also changed the cable management a lil bit.
    Forgot to mention that bending tube was a pain in the ass coz the system was too compact, and also this is my first time doing a custom loop, didn't have a silicon tube, so instead i used a power cable to retain the cylindrical shape of the tube

    So here's me adding Mayhem Blood Red to the loop.
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    Hei Everybody, So here I'm back with the pics of the inside of the build. here we go

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