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Thread: [Project Log] TOXIC CHROME (modded Corsair 250D)

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    [Project Log] TOXIC CHROME (modded Corsair 250D)

    Hi guys,

    Welcome to a new build log for TOXIC CHROME where I will be modding and building a custom water cooled system in the Corsair 250D!

    Huge thanks to MNPCTECH as they will be providing me with some modding supplies for the build, Icemodz who will be supplying the custom sleeved cables and RGB LED strips as well as Primochill who will be supplying a set of fittings. Also thanks to GGF Lan Party for providing the Corsair 250D case for me!

    As the name suggests there will be chrome . The case will be painted a combination of chrome and blue, chrome for the outside panels and blue for the case frame. I will also be painting other components such as the radiators chrome too. I'm not exactly sure yet how I'm going to get the chrome paint done and if I will be able to do it myself with spray paint as that would be the only option if I was to paint it myself. I would sure love to do chrome plating but that would probably be way out of my reach to get the entire outside of the case done. I will be doing some research for the best and most efficient way to get the nice mirror chrome look that I'm after. Of course I'm open to suggestions so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    I think the combination of chrome and blue will be really nice and the idea for the build is to see how friendly the Corsair 250D is to a custom watercooling loop and to fit as much water cooling components as I can in it and to just make it look radioactive with a glow from the inside. The mods to the case won't be that hard to do, mainly cutting new side panel windows and I will also be playing with MNPCTECH's nibbler tool and some aluminum sheets! The hard part will be getting all the components and custom loop in the way I imagine it. The 250D is smaller than the Bitfenix Prodigy I worked on with my Vault Boy build so this will be interesting.

    You will see the same attention to detail as I have shown in my previous builds with Vault Boy and Green Molecule.

    Here are the SPECS:

    Case - Modded Corsair 250D
    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z97N-Gaming 5
    CPU - Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258
    GPU - EVGA GTX 670
    Memory - 2 x 4GB G.Skill RipJaws 1600Mhz
    SSD - 120GB Corsair Force GT
    PSU - Corsair RM650 80Plus Gold

    Cables - Icemodz custom sleeved cables

    Radiators - Alphacool NexXxoS Full Copper ST30 240mm, Alphacool NexXxoS Full Copper UT60 140mm
    Fans - 2 x 120mm Gelid Slim 12 UV Blue fans, 1 x 140mm Gelid Wing 14 UV Blue, 2 x 80mm Gelid Wing 8 UV Blue
    Pump - Swiftech MCP35X with EK-DDC Heatsink Housing and EK-DDC XRES 140 CSQ pump top and reservoir combo
    Reservoir - EK-RES X3 250 Reservoir
    Fittings - Primochill Rigid Ghost Black fittings, various Bitspower matte black extension and angle fittings
    Tubing - Primochill Rigid Clear PETG
    CPU Block - EK-Supremacy CSQ Polished Nickel Plexi
    GPU Block - EK-FC670 CSQ Polished Nickel Plexi
    RAM Block - EK-RAM Monarch X2 CSQ Polished Nickel Plexi
    Coolant - Mayhems X1 UV Clear Blue

    Lighting - Icemodz Real UV LED Strips

    But first, lets get the case ready!

    Here's a quick look at the case and the layout for some components. Ignore the gold paint job as that's what the guys over at GGF had it for a custom system.

    Pump with the EK 140 res mounted next to the rad here

    Another EK 250 res mounted horizontally here, will get rid of the drive cages and cut out a nice window for it.

    So the 250 res will be right underneath the 240 radiator

    Here are the PC & Case Mod Store Supply items from Mnpctech

    Mnpctech PC Case Mod Ruler & Reference Tool,

    PC Case Panel Modding Nibbler Tool from Mnpctech,

    Nickel Plated Vandal PC Push Button Switch for Reset or Power,

    Mnpctech also offers anodized colored versions of this Vandal PC Push Button Switch

    3 pack of 3M Red Scotchbrite Scuff Pads,

    5 pack of reinforced Dremel cutting wheels,

    That's it for now peeps. Hope you will enjoy this build log and mod .

    Thanks for checking it out.



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    Hey guys,

    Here's an update on Toxic Chrome!

    Dismantled as much of the case as I could and starting to drill the mounts for everything. Gonna get all the drilling and cutting done on the case before I get it painted. I might just get the whole thing powder coated, frame and other bits blue and then the outside panels chrome. I found a place that does chrome powder coating and it's gonna be cheaper than actually buying the paint and spraying it myself so that's good. Hopefully the chrome comes out good, we will have to see about that!

    So here's the naked frame of the case pretty much.


    And just having a look how the 250 res is gonna sit and already there is a problem with the res holders. The res fits between the side of the case and the radiator without the holders but not with them unfortunately.

    So what I did is broke off one side of the res holders and gonna sit the res in like that, supporting it with the holders on one side and with the case panel on the other. Also once I get fittings between it and the 240 rad, it should stay in place quite nicely.

    I think it looks pretty good in there. Just need to get all the side and top windows cut now and mount the other res along with the pump.

    Thanks for checking it out!



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    Hey guys,

    Worked on getting the side panel window cut outs done for all the windows I will attach to the case, a total of three.

    I will be bolting the clear acrylic this time and I will have it on the outside of the case. That is so I can keep the inward part where the grill on the side panel is. I have seen other people do it before and I think it looks interesting.

    Here we go with the dremel and jigsaw!

    Thanks for checking it out and I hope you like my window designs.



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    Hey guys,

    New update for TOXIC CHROME!

    Just a quick look at the pump and other res combo that will be going in the build and how it will be placed.

    Swiftech MCP35X

    Changing to a multi option top so that I can run the loop back to the top of the res.

    These EK reservoirs looks awesome, first time using these!

    Great little combo!

    I think it will be pretty awesome with the two reservoirs in this little case!

    Thanks for checking it out!



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    Hey guys,

    Back with another update on Toxic Chrome.

    I made all the modifications needed on the case and it has now left to get powder coated. The frame of the case and other bits will be powder coated a dark navy blue and the side and top panels will be powder coated chrome. Hopefully the chrome powder coat will come out good.

    Here's a look at the case with the side panel windows cut, filed and all ready. Also mounted the pump/res combo and drilled the hole for the Vandal switch. That is just a test Vandal switch. I will be receiving a nickel plated one from MNPCTECH which is currently on the way.

    I know here that the res doesn't sit in the middle but in order to make the loop work I think that this is how I will need to sit it. This may change however so we will see.

    All the side panel windows. I went and drilled holes in each corners of the windows for mounting the acrylic however I forgot to take pics of this. You guys will see that once the case is back.

    Pump/res combo mounted.

    Vandal switch mounted on top of the front panel frame.

    I will be making a new front panel out of 1mm aluminum which will cover this section here. I will stick that to the existing front panel in order to continue to be able to use the clip on and feature and access the dust filter behind it.

    I also cut the HDD cage in half as I will need to mount this back in the case to support the MB tray. I cut some 1mm aluminum panels which will be bolted on to help clean up the HDD cage look as that will be seen through the res window.

    All this will be powder coated blue.

    And that's about it for now. Hopefully I will get the case powder coated and back sometime next week.

    Thanks for checking it out.



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    Hey guys,

    I got the case back from powder coating!

    Here are some quick shots I took of the case. I think the navy blue looks awesome and matches the fan blade colour really well.

    The side panels are not finished yet as they had mistakenly coated them the same navy blue, they are now getting redone in chrome.

    I will be getting the front panel and rear feet colour matched to the same powder coated blue but will obviously get it painted.

    Thanks for checking it out guys and let me know what you think of the blue, I really like it.



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    Hey guys,

    Back with another update for the Toxic Chrome build. Sorry I've been absent for a while, been super busy with work lately.

    Had some time over the weekend and worked on the motherboard.

    Here's an overview and getting the red heatsinks ready for some black plasti dip!

    Also plasti dipping this little guy!

    I'll be back in a day or two once all this is done, dried and back on the board!

    Also an update on the side panels paint/powder coat. I've seen the chrome powder coat and it doesn't look like chrome at all. Looks like some sort of dark grey colour and not really glossy, so was not a fan of that. I did get them to do the EK ram modules which I will show you guys once done, just to see how the chrome powder coat looks. Through I probably won't end up using those either.

    So what I will be doing with the side panels is taking them to a car paint shop. Chrome paint is out of my price range at this time, costing around $250 just for the paint as they told me. Though what they can do is make it a nice glossy silver and try and get it as close as possible to the chrome effect. However that still won't end up being chrome so I guess we will see.

    Stay tuned for more guys! I'll try and keep the updates coming more regularly!



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    Hey guys,

    Motherboard is all done, here it is!

    Gigabyte GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 Black Edition

    I'm also happy to announce new sponsors to the Toxic Chrome build. The cables and LED strips will now be provided by Icemodz and also Primochill who are very kind to send me a set of fittings and some PETG tubing! :thumb:

    Thanks for checking it out,



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    Hey guys,

    Here are some photos of the G.Skill memory I will be using and also the EK memory modules.

    These have been powder coated chrome and as you can see it looks more like a matte silver, so that's why I didn't like the chrome powder coat for the side panels. I will be getting new ram modules and keeping them black but wanted to show you guys this anyway.

    Also cleaned up the rear i/o shield

    Suits the build better this way!

    Stay tuned for more!



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    Hey guys,

    Here's a better look at the case and the awesome blue powder coat

    Thanks for checking it out!



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