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Thread: External Fan Pods... Possibility?

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    Question External Fan Pods... Possibility?

    So I want to make my case look somewhat like an aircraft. I want to have two external pods (with ducts into the main case) with fans in then to simulate engines. Is there something I could buy, or will I have to make custom external pods? If I do have to make external pods, can I use wood, or will I have to use metal?
    (I plan to use Mnpctech 120mm Turbine PC Fans with filters. There will also be 1 or 2 fans on the back to suck air out.)

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    Well, I have never tried something like this previously, maybe if u use regular 120mm fans with the corners cut off. If you put these into a tubing with ca 120mm inside. you can perhaps tape the wiring inside the tube for better aesthetics. Fan mounts are not that complicated as long as you do not tamper with the wiring.

    I recommend silicone or long cure glue, as these allow you to slide the fans in from the outside with little to none "glue marks" on the tubing exterior.

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