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Thread: I Need Inspiration

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    I Need Inspiration

    Hey guys n gals... i'v been outta the game for a bit and i need a little inspiration.

    For the past year or so my life has been pretty hectic and i jst havnt had the time or money to mod in any way shape or form. I'm new to this forum as well. Last Mod i did was my Gamecube about a year ago.

    But im gonna hav a little cash in a month or so and i wanna get back into the game. However, here is my dilema...

    Wat to Mod?

    Im pretty happy with my Desktop rig as it is but im willing to give it a fresh start. But there is nothing about my house i feel i could mod. I have a new Laptop on its way, but i dont wanna mod tht till its payed for, plus its pretty bitchin as it is. The only other thingis maybe Doin the cube again, but once more, im pretty content with that. Iv got a PSX that needs a new disk mount for the laser or i have been contemplating moddin my Nintendo DS for a laugh. I also have a small portable DVD player that i cant find a mains adapter for, but it's my sisters and she'd do her nut:P And like most of you i have boxes upon boxes of bits:P

    Im also willing to go buy a second hand consol, or even a broken one if any one wants to buy a case when i'm done:P

    Anyway, im up for anythin. I need to buy some new tools but im up for a challenge. I'v neve fitted extra LCD displays to anything but like i said, i want a challenge. So long as its achievable i'll give it a go.

    So pitch ur suggestions and i'l see wat i can find. Jst Bare in mind i'm limited in equipment and experience.

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    I Need Inspiration

    Dont all rush at once hehe.

    No Matter. I have the solution. I just remembered ther is an old rig lying under my desk. I planned on setting it up for my sister. Its pretty ppor specs. Packard Bell 650MHz 128MB RAM or something but its ripe for moddin. Just something simple to get me back into the swing of things.

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    I Need Inspiration

    Sounds like a winner.

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    I Need Inspiration

    Haha here's the best bit. It jst took the side of the case off.

    Turns out its an AMD K-6 450MHZ ROFL

    meh, i'l get it ticking over:P

    She jst wants a rig that runs and looks bitchin^_^

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    I Need Inspiration

    It doesn't really seem like you need inspiriation.. Just an idea of what to mod.

    But if in fact you're looking for a theme, or general idea..
    That's what this post is all about.

    Since this is your sister's rig, just go with what she likes, but do it in moderation. If she gets older and still has that, she may not still like the same things.

    BUT, if you're doing you're own rig, like you had implied was your only option, I say Hectic sounds like a great idea.

    Base it off of this:
    For the past year or so my life has been pretty hectic.
    Make it a compilation of the things that have happened to you, and what really matters to you. Let your (creative) juices flow.

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    I Need Inspiration

    I think im gonna go with the rig for my sis. I was talkin to her about ideas, and the basic colour theme we're gonna go for is Black with mainly green lighing.

    She really likes the idea of a sound responsive lighting rig so im thinking that's the general rout im gonna go down.

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    I Need Inspiration

    Here's my preliminary sketches for the mod. Its a prety basic mod, but i wanted to do at least one thing new. I have never created a plexi lid for a disk drive before so that was something i personaly wanted to incorperate into the design.
    My sis decided she wanted it to look very open. So plexi on both sides and the top.
    As the M/Board is rather small and the HDD is verticaly mounted i've got a lot of room to spare so i decided to put a plexi window on the MB side of the case.
    Plex windows on the Side and top of the PSU, replace the fan with either a clear one on a green one and Green LEDs.
    I wont be starting this for a while so any suggestions as to how to improve or add to this design is much appreciated.

    Cheers Guys


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