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    Dead Laptop

    Dead Laptop.. any suggestions. I need a laptop for my ui work, purely as its more convenient that constantly transfering shed loads of data from uni computers to my own. Ive just order my new one but i was using my friends Toshiba Prtege A100. Ok not the best system in the world but it was a good temp.

    A few weeks ago i asked him if i could borrow it again for a rew days. 'Sure' He said, '...If you can get it working'

    You get nothing from it. Not ever a flicker of light from the power button. It wont run off the mains and it wont charge. The only thing i can think of is the battery has totaly drained and wont charge again. I've tested the powr cable, that is'nt broken, it stall has the correct current flowing so i'm assumin PSU.

    This is, as with most laptops its a nightmare to take to bits and i'm having real problems finding the sourse of this power loss. Any suggestions?

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    Dead Laptop

    It does sound like it's the PSU, usually laptops have a little controller board for the PSU, sometimes they go out. They usually arent that hard to replace, you should be able to find one for your laptop for around 25 - 60 USD.

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    Dead Laptop

    I agree and I would open it up just to make sure that some connection somewhere did not come loose.

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    Dead Laptop

    Thanks guys, i'll probably tak it to bits again on sunday and give it a propper once over.

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    Dead Laptop

    I have a laptop that had almost the same problem, though I have to buy a new power cord too, but yeah it does sound like that board might have gotten fried (I suggest plugging it into a surge protector, if you don't already do so, once you get it fixed)

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