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Thread: i might have scored big

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    i might have scored big

    well i have a friend who gave me her buste dlaptop and said if i cant fix it then i might as well just throw it away, well being the computer nerd i am i though, yeah right, like i'd do that.

    her dog chewed up the power cable and her bf, being the tech savvy man he is though that splicing wires and sticking them in random places would fix it. long story short, he ended up making some black smoke and popping noises come from the laptop, lol.

    well i did open the thing up to the point that i had a pretty clear look at the motherboard and i couldn't find any visible damage, which i thought was really weird. I told her i couldn't fix it and she said throw it out so i've officially inherited it, but i wanted to run it by you guys as to what you thought might be damaged. I couldn't find where the power was regulated, i gotta think thats where the damage was.

    but either way i have some good plans for it that i cant reveal just yet.

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    i might have scored big

    if this laptop is anything like mine, and depending how he wired it he may have just fried the circuit board where the plug goes into, you could try replacing that if you can find one

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    i might have scored big

    I don't consider that scoring big. You tell your friend you can't fix it, and your now trying to fix it to keep for your self. That sounds to me like "Ya I just screwed my friend".

    Just my thoughts.

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    i might have scored big

    well i do think he friend the board somewhere but at the same time i feel like i scored because now i can take the cdrom and use it in a mod i been working on. maybe the hard drive too :-D

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    i might have scored big

    i with the 1st guy that posted here....go check the circuit board.....thats what happened to mine...

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    i might have scored big

    man, laptops are the worst to repair! me and my mate tried to fix his when it stopped working, and everything looked perfect, and its all on one board, so itll probably never work again

    however, you should ask the owner if you can use the parts, as they think your throwing it away, and may want it back to sell for parts or something now

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