This is my worklog for my entry in the Case Mod contest at QuakeCon 2015.

I previously won the themed case mod category at QuakeCon 2013 with a modified Koolance case
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Last year, I re-imaged my winning case and while I garnered a lot of attention, I failed to place with that case
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For 2015, I am delving into scratch building. This has been a project I've wanted to attempt for a few years now, but haven't have the financial means to try. As a person who grew up in the 80s, one of my favorite movie franchises was Ghostbusters. I bought myself a fan-made Proton Pack a few years ago, and while that one didn't suit this idea, it gave me the inspiration to make a gaming PC into a Proton Pack. So last year, I sold that and set out to make my own gaming PC and Proton Pack from scratch, and I'm calling this project U.N.A - Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator. I also want to say that I am striving for a high percentage of screen accuracy in this build; from the outside I want this to look and feel just like the packs from the movies. I've obviously had to make some compromises to make that happen, but I think they are acceptable and the end result is going to be amazing.

So, the story of this work log begins when I finally got my hands on a Proton Pack shell. It's worth noting that there is a small fan community for building Ghostbuster props. For the shell in particular, there are a handful of fans who have built very accurate molds and can produce a strong but thin fiberglass shell. I was able to get my hands on one and then did a "proof of concept" to make sure all the PC hardware would fit entirely within the limits of the shell.

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Here you can see the basic layout I've identified. The ASUS Mini ITX motherboard fits very well in the cyclotron of the pack, while the upper part supports the Silverstone 450-watt power supply and the EVGA 750 GTX ti. This was a huge step and confirmed the viability of this build. As you can see, I have some depth but not a whole lot to work with, considering the shell also has to house the electronics for the pack itself.