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Thread: [Worklog] Project Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator (U.N.A.) - QuakeCon 2015

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    This is looking really good! Quite a departure from your previous work, best of luck to you!

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    Thanks, man! Are you going to be at QuakeCon? Bringing anything new?

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    No, doesn't look like I'm going to make it this year. I had hoped to come and help judge the competition but finances are keeping me at home sadly. Have a great time!

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    Alrighty, time for a big update!

    After the pack was done in paint, I got the lenses installed for the powercell and cyclotron.

    Name:  20150617_182910.jpg
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    The v-hook for the thrower got installed as well as the legris fittings on the pack.

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    Rest assured, I have TONS of pictures but I'm going to skip through some of them and focus on the important progress pictures. In this one, I've attached several parts and installed some of the hoses. The larger resin parts were adhered with a two step process - first, I drilled holes in the shell and places screws in them that I used to create indents in the parts. Using the indents, I then drilled pilot holes for screws. Then I used a two-part epoxy to adhere the part to the shell and then put in the screws for additional support.

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    Then I added the red pinstripe to the N-Filter at the bottom of the cyclotron and installed the mesh in all the openings.

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    And to finish off the exterior of the pack, I added the remaining tubing, mounted the Clippard valve, and ran the ribbon cable. I spent a lot of time looking at reference photos of screen-used packs to assure that the placement of all the parts, tubing, stickers, and even the rolls of the ribbon cable as are close to screen-accurate as possible.

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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    So with the shell 99% complete, focus now turns to getting a PC into it. First order of business: cooling. I don't expect to need much, so I'm adding an 80mm fan to exhaust hot air. With the N-Filter vented and the shell not having an air-tight seal, all this build needs is a little help to make sure it doesn't overheat. The fan I ordered is only 10mm thick, so it is actually only as thick as the 1/2" MDF that the backboard is made of. So I traced out the location of the fan, used a homemade compass to draw out a pattern for ventilation, and drilled out my "fan cover" in a method that I feel honors the '80s technology feel that the pack embodies.

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    Before I can get the motherboard mounted, I needed to mount the lights in the cyclotron. The light kit I'm using came from Jupiter Electronics. Using hot glue, I positioned and secured 4 cups over the red lenses that were designed and 3D printed for this build.

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    After mounting the cups, I then used a couple dabs of hot glue to secure the LEDs in place.

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    With the cyclotron LEDs mounted, the powercell's blue LEDs had to be mounted in place. Two brackets were 3D printed for the circuit board/LEDs so that the board could be slid into place.

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    After the lights went in, of course I had to test it!

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    And if you're the kind who'd prefer pictures in motion, here's a link to a video of the lights:

    And to round off this update, here's a picture of the I/O panel in progress that will be installed into the backboard of the pack.

    Name:  20150620_201406.jpg
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    I am happy to report that I am almost done with this build now - it's really just down to the minor details of the exterior that I haven't yet finished. Onto the pics!

    These next pictures show the 3D printed cups that the LED lights for the cyclotron sit in. Above those are 4 3D printed mounts for the mini-ITX motherboard. I found that the best spot for the SSD was sitting on top of the cups but beneath the motherboard, so there it sits!

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    Next I focused on the back board. The I/O panel I teased in the last update needed a home, so I placed it on the board using the ALICE frame as a guide and drilled my hole for it. I then had to epoxy the thin hardboard skin to the MDF skeleton and then the back board got a healthy coat of primer, metallic silver, and of course, finished in black. After drying, I cut windows from polycarbonate and glued them in place as well as LEDs to light up the components.

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    Next is a bit I'm particularly proud of. I knew that I could never consider this a gaming computer without a graphics card in it. I decided on an EVGA 750 GTX Ti. Using a buddy's 3D printer, we designed a completely new shroud for it that included mounts for this application. I knew that an extension would also be needed so I am using a PCI-Express to USB 3.0 adapter. These next photos outline the process of building the shroud and installing the graphics card.

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    After the video card was mounted and installed, I turned my attention to the last major component: the power supply. For this build, knowing size was crucial, I chose to go with the Silverstone 450 watt gold-rated modular PSU. The size couldn't have been more perfect. A couple simple mounts epoxied to the shell and a bar across the top, and it was installed. The power cable that goes to the I/O panel routes nicely under the mounting bracket and stays out of the way. The channel left between the shell and the video card made a perfect way to route my power cables down to the motherboard.

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    And this is my final picture before I was able to seal up the pack. Here you can see the LEDs I installed in the back board as well my use of hot glue to secure the wiring and keep the fan clear. The space in shell beneath the Clippard valve serves as a perfect spot for the I/O panel because all the excess cabling fits in there without a fight.

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    Finally we reach our first test of the installed PC!

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    And after that, it's just a matter of installing the ALICE frame, and of course, try it on!

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    Oh, and one last thing that was added last minute. Decided it would be a good idea to have an external battery box for the 9 volt that powers the pack's cyclotron and powercell lighting. A quick design and a short print time later, I mounted a custom battery box to the back of the pack!

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    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, other than a few external details to the pack for screen accuracy, that's it for my build! I'll post one or two more pictures once it's 100% complete, but for now - thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed this build log as much as I enjoyed building it!

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