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Thread: Project: T-ELOS

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    Project: T-ELOS

    Note: I haven't heard anything from the Pagani company about Project Zonda, so I'm not going to continue with it untill next summer

    After recently playing most of Xenosaga 3 (the second disk couldn't be read by my PS2), i felt a lack of T-ELOS (KOS_MOS's twisted "sister" ) and other than playing the game again nothing would fill that lack of T-ELOS, then one day after doing a case swap with my current computer I looked at the old case and decided on instead of tossing it out or giving it away I would mod it and use it.
    So far I drew up some plans to get me going. (please note that i drew this on notebook paper with pen while i was halfway asleep)

    Basic plans for the mod
    Possible "shape" for T-ELOS window mod

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    Project: T-ELOS

    I think that would be the least identifiable window ever.. May I suggest etching it so people can tell what it is/supposed to be?

    Good ideas, but same as the other, I've never heard of this stuff.

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    Project: T-ELOS

    well this mod isn't really going to leave my room once it's finished, but I do plan on doing something later on...

    Anyways I started to gather supplies and tools today, unfortunantly I couldn't find a nibbler, so I might have to do all my cutting with my Dremel.

    Oh the case I am modding is an 8 year old gateway case (I'll get some pictures up when i can)

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    Project: T-ELOS

    You can find a nibbler at Micro-Mark,
    I just saw it yesterday in my new catalog from them.

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    Project: T-ELOS

    Thanks, I have one more place to look though.

    I find it odd that my neighbor doesnt have a set considering they do alot of metal work, they have metal shears, but that uses compressed air and its ment for bigger things than a computer case.

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    Project: T-ELOS

    Any updates on the Sweeeet new Project?

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