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Thread: Quakecon 2015 Staff Vs Staff Case Mod Off- Writing On the Walls

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    Quakecon 2015 Staff Vs Staff Case Mod Off- Writing On the Walls

    Every once in a while a game has a section or scene that you just can't forget sometimes good, sometimes bad. Well when Modder's Inc decided the theme for the mod off was going to be Doom or Quake I new exactly what I was going to do.


    A scene I will never forget and a scene that sent chills up my spine only to have me more paranoid than ever that the clicking of demon claws scratching the metal flooring would begin or maybe even the shuffling of a zombie creeping towards me.

    I knew I wanted to do something with the UAC facility but this was perfect! the tight corridors, the subtle architecture of the UAC facility and of course the carnage.

    This year as a tradition Thermaltake was kind enough to provide us with the X1 ITX chassis from their core line. Which first off is massive (giggity)!

    Front Panel is completely ventilated, allowing for maximum airflow.

    Full size side panel comes with the stock unit which is nice but I have a feeling this will be changing for my mod.

    All the panels pop off quite easily and within 30 seconds the entire case can go from stock to nekkid.

    First thing was first I had to gut the interior to basically leave me a shell to work with, once that was finished I mapped out the sheet of 6061 grade aluminum that would be my new mid panel/ motherboard tray. Highly recommend the green painters tape.

    Measure twice.....six times and cut once! You will notice the notches in the back, those are too allow clearance on the rivets and the PCI brackets

    Made quick work of the perimeter using a jigsaw but then this little guy game into play....

    How ever to cut this?

    Dr Dremel knows how to be gentle!

    Five minutes later and a little filing and we have this as the foundation for the mid plate!

    Perfect fit !!!!!!

    With confirmation that the MATX board fits in place, onto marking my holes for the standoffs

    I questioned how accurate these were....

    Now in order to make sure I have perfect clearance with the side rails I decided to use female nylon standoffs and M3 6mm counter sunk screws.

    Here is the result need to counter sink a bit more but on the right track.

    BOOM! There was one standoff that was a bit off but nothing major I can fix the clearance issue

    Up next was the simple task of placing the wiring holes, needless to say I consulted with Dr Dremel a lot on this part lol

    About 30 mins later and a lot of filing (I suck at cutting with a dremel my jigsaw is my friend) we have this!

    Not too shabby now there are three spots like the one up above that will need some trimming for the rail to let the wires pass through

    Well that's it for now, I have some Polystyrene coming in later this week and will be starting on the custom cables for this later today until next time, thanks for reading

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    Apparently there was an issue where my images were showing up about 5-10 percent of the time please let me know if y'all can see them now

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    Lookin good, I can see all of the images besides the last one.
    I became tired of creating an awesome image cause my system changes too much.

    MSI X99 Xpower
    Gskill DDR4 3000MHZ
    MSI GTX 970
    Thermaltake DPS 850
    Samsung PRO
    G.Skill Pheonix
    Full water - rigid tube
    Hopefully inside an actual case soon..

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    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    "Moddin' ... Ain't It Cool!"

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