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Thread: Trident of Neptune - MercoMods

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    Trident of Neptune - MercoMods

    Hello everyone! My name is Kristian Ingelstad, AKA MercoMods.

    I am new to posting on forums like this, so please help me if i do something wrong!
    I also never posted any worklogs for other projects. My facebook page, MercoMods, is where i will post most of my updates, and post most of the pictures/videos. Right now i am actually having a WORLDWIDE giveaway on a set of CUSTOM sleeved cables. Feel free to check out the page for instructions to participate in the giveaway!

    I recently finished my newest project, "Trident of Neptune". I appreciate all feedback, positive and negative.
    It is a simple mod with no custom loop, just a special color theme.

    Parts list:
    CPU: i7-4790K
    Motherboard: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark S
    GPU's: 2x GTX 980 Reference design
    RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133Mhz, got it for 150 dollar!
    PSU: Corsair Ax1200i (Yes, i know.. Overkill. Had it from when i ran 3x 780 Ti Classified overclocked)
    Storage: 3x Samsung 840 Pro 256gb, 1x Sandisk Extreme 128gb
    Case: NZXT H440
    Fans: Corsair AF140's and Af120's
    Cooling: Corsair H110i GT

    Here are all the parts i used, plus some more! Don't ask why i have 2 mouses there. I don't know! D:

    The first thing i did after i decided the color scheme, was sleeving the cables.

    After that, i took pictures of (almost?) all the parts i used, before modding!

    CPU: i7-4790K

    Motherboard: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark S

    GPU's: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 reference design

    RAM: 32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133mhz

    PSU: Corsair Ax1200i (again, please don't kill me for the overkill, i know 750watt is enough, but why buy a new weaker psu when i already have this one? D: )

    Storage: 3x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB (Forgot to take a picture of the Sandisk Extreme 128gb)

    Case: NZXT H440

    Fans: Corsair Af140 and Corsair Af120

    Cooling: Corsair H110i GT


    I started with the fans. It was pretty easy using Bill Owen's videotutorial on youtube! (thanks!)

    RAM: Just unscrewed everything, i guess.

    Sadly, i didn't take too many pictures of the disassembled parts, as i was mostly recording the whole process for a video, which is coming soon. This includes everything from parts to "Trident of Neptune"!

    Here's the RAM finished!

    Here are the finished fans! Ignore the minor gray spots on the rubber grommets. This was fixed later!

    Here's the first GPU finished painted!

    Here's the first SSD! All of the SSD's were painted like this, but i added some acrylic plates on them later. Ignore the minor white spots on the BACKSIDE of the connection. The golden fingers/connectors was untouched, and the SSD works great. However, i should have attached the tape covering the connector better.

    Here's one of my favorites! The watercooler!

    Forgot to take a picture of the case alone when it was finished.
    Anyways, here are some pictures of the finished build! Feel free to leave any sort of feedback on it, both constructive criticism and postive feedback is appreciated.

    Yes i know the rubber rings are ugly. I had to "sacrifice" one side, to get them back inside. However, if you take a look at the last picture, they look great from the inside.

    All the pictures were taken in this small ghetto garage, haha. We used white background for the pictures, but black for the recordings. Here's a sneak peek on the video: Due to some problems with Adobe Premiere, i will most likely have to recreate the start of the video, even further delaying it. :/

    Thanks for reading/watching! Hope you enjoyed it. This is my first big project, hopefully out of many.
    For updates on my next project "Harvester of Time", follow me on Facebook, my page is the same as my username. The next mod is sponsored by Thermaltake, Ttesports and IceModz!

    Kristian Ingelstad

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    A little over a week ago i got my replacement window from Mnpctech. The difference was HUGE! I definitely recommend everyone with an NZXT H440 to get one. It does not get dirty quick, and it does not collect a lot of dust. It is a lot easier to clean, since i can just use regular toilet paper instead of having to use a microfiber cloth on my old one. No scratches yet, and it is a huge improvement. There should be a link in the original post if you are interested

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