After 2 months of hard work without any modding, its time for a scratch build

Intel i7 5960x
Still planning on other parts.

Not sure if i will go full water or use a really good air cooler.
GPU is probably going to be watercooled.
I do not have a big window on the case, there is no nice hardlines or cooling to show, the goal will be 100% performance and silence.

Iīm pretty tired of cases with windows.
I want something thats looks really nice (in my opinion) and can stand on my desk without disturbing the work, no flashing lights, roaring fans or too much LEDīs.
The insides is from a regular case, i have just built a shell around it.
I really began playing with the shape of the DeepCool TriStellar case, and it evolved to this - The Akula

Aaaand, here we go.
First 38 cuts - out of about 400

Here is what i started with, the shape of the DeepCool TriStellar.
I played with the shapes for a while and then took one chamber, stacked it on another one vertically and from that i created the Akula.

And here is the concept rendering. And no, its not a photo-rendering, just a quick one to get a idea of size and looks.
The blue in the front is a 16mm acrylic hardline, filled with water... More details about this one as the buildlog proceeds
Light gray areas in the front will be mesh for air intake.

Quick image of the sidepanel, as its not showing good in the rendering.
Consists of alot of plates to get some structure of the surface. The black area between top and bottom parts is either a mesh for air, or a really really small window, not decieded yet

Pieces cut into parts needed.
The bigger ones i only have 10 pcs of, 20 needed. Have to buy more acrylic

Front edges glued and sanded a bit to get the shape perfect.
It took me 3-4 re-glues to get the exact angles needed.

As all pieces are angled in the cuts, and i only have this little friend to make the cuts
I had to make special jigs to hold the pieces while cutting the sides.

And here is one of the jigs, 63,5° angle.
It slides on the side of the board and cuts the piece into a perfect angle

All rigged up for the first cut

I tried cutting with jigsaw and a bottom plate that could be angled, but never got good cuts.
This works awsome, its a bit fiddling around to mount every piece and measure where i need the cut, but its quicker than jigsaw + sanding all edges.