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Thread: Broken TV

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    Broken TV

    A few weeks ago my tv bit the dust, so I went looking for a replacement.

    My last tv was a 36" rca STV and if fit nicely into the entertainment center, until it bit the dust, and I went HDTV on the next round since the 36" HDTV's had built in speakers I had to go with a 32".

    I was looking for a 32-36" to fit into the entertainment center and wanted a HDTV. I don't really need a flat panel and everything seams like its going that way.

    Whats with the built in speakers, who spends $1200 + on a tv and doesn't have a surround sound setup? Why put the speaker there to take up space I'd rather have for a larger display? Do I need a flat panel lcd that will sit there with empty space behind it since it's only 4" think? Why is looking for a new TV as hard as looking for a new car?

    I decided to call Sears and have them come look at the current 32", It took them two weeks to come out and look at it and another two weeks waiting for parts and them to come back to install them. Total cost a little under $400 for the repairs. A little high but I could have lived with it, the repair guy went on his way and I went to work. When I got back home and the TV had stopped working doing the same thing it did the last time so I called sears back and scheduled an appointment for them to come look at it since they had a 90 day warranty on there repairs, The appointment was made and it'll take another week for them to come look at it. So now I'm back to the 19" until they get it working.

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    Broken TV

    Damn bro, the TV's and you don't get along to well eh? Ya I know what you mean, ts becoming a hard thing to do, find something you want with the options you want.

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    Broken TV

    nope no luck at all with them lol

    Looking at the new models most are widescreen, the guy at hhgreg says by 09 the cable co will be using that format. but for now all the good its for is widescreen dvd's, sure you can use the strech option and watch reg tv but the people and screens just dont look right. And if you set it to standard display your new 32" tv is now showing the same size pic as i have now with the 19"

    LOL ok i'm done ranting now, untill the repair man gets here later today anyhow..

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    Broken TV

    For $17,500 plus vanity tax, sales tax, and loan interest, you can have a 3d tv!

    Oh, and sorry about the tv. Who makes the 32" you bought?

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    Broken TV

    lol alot of cash for a tv SplitLip..

    Sears says all the parts they put in last time are now bad, he says it might have something wrong with one of the boards, but he only orderd the same parts they did the last time.
    Now for another week and a half wait on parts and them to come put them in...

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    Broken TV

    wow, a week and a half! if i where you id just return it and get one from somewhere else after all that hassle (although if that where possible/practical you probably would have done it by now)

    oh, and 3D Tv sounds cool, but watching something in 3D would look kinda sucky IMHO, unless it was projected and you could walk through it. now that would be cool!

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    Broken TV

    yeah, i agree in a sense.. but still.. cool as anything. there are also a pair of sunglasses (2 glasses) that makes any tv in 3d, and certain things are interactive. only $100! big diff from the tv.

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    Broken TV

    it's outa warrenty or I would have took it back. Got it at bestbuy on as display model, it lasted two years or so. Costing me about 1/2 what I gave for it to get it working.

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