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Thread: [SPONSORED MOD] Bnbw600

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    [SPONSORED MOD] Bnbw600

    Hi everyone!I'm Fabio,a 17 years old modder from Italy.
    I started a month ago a project called bnbw600,in this project I will modify a n600 by Cooler Master to show everyone that a custom loop with 4 radiators can be built in a mid-tower chassis.
    The name is based on the colours that i'm using in the mod: Black,N600,Blue and White,white some a little of silver.
    Right now i can't show all the mods that i have already done,i'll show you them in the future
    I would start by giving a huge thanks to all the sponsors that are supporting this mod.

    updates are coming soon...stay tuned!

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    Hi everyone,I'm Back!
    you tought I was Dead uh haha,i was just on vacation in Spain with some friends for two weeks
    anyway,today I haven't got a big update,i just want to show the new ram that will be part of the build
    Maybe i've got also a big new sponsor,i will let you know soon if everything goes as it should
    big updates coming soon!

    Stay Tuned!

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