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Thread: Project Red Gotham - 980ti SLI - custom water cooled - Node 804

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    Project Red Gotham - 980ti SLI - custom water cooled - Node 804


    So a little bit about this build!
    EVGA x99 Micro2
    32gb of G.Skill Trident Z Ram Provided by
    CPU 5930k 3.5
    2 980ti reference models
    2 Samsung SSD
    3 HDD
    all ek watercooling blocks and backplates
    all bitspower fittings
    alphacool Radiators Provided by
    Custom Sleeved Cables and LED's Provided by
    This build will be done soon =]
    Step one case modding

    Attached Images Attached Images   
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    Man the SSDs are going to look good

    - - - Updated - - -

    The paint job is DONE (top is not on)

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    One window done

    I only have 3 hard drives going in this beast, so I am going to cut the 4th hard drive spot off for some more cable room.

    Here are the beautiful cables that are going into this build, all cables sleeved by IceModz

    Checking pump clearance again, opps looks like I have a little more case modding to do (to get the tubing from one side to another)

    Cut and now sleeving the pump =]
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    Final the Motherbaord Came =] USB 3.1 woot, woot. Now I just have to find a USB 3.1 flash drive lol.

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    Just got the vinyl on the SSD's done =]

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    So I had to redo the paint job and doing all the building tonight =]

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here are all the parts

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    This Ram is so sexy from above. Thanks !!!

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    Here is Project Red Gotham Build Log 3

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