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Thread: Assassin's Pandora Mod - by DSa

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    [Complete] ASSASSIN'S CREED MOD - by San

    Hi everyone here I'm off to starting my first mod, all of my builds have been scratch build so let's see how this one goes.
    I know most of us are fans of Assassin's Creed, so I decided to follow that theme.

    First of all I must thank my sponsors for sponsoring this build. (Please click on the image to visit their official page)


    Avexir is providing the Avexir Blitz 1.1 Gaming Red Red LED memory modules for the build. Thank You Very Much Avexir


    Bitfenix is providing the Pandora Window edition and Spectre Pro LED Red Fans for the build. Thank You Very Much Bitfenix

    EKWB is providing me with an EK-KIT L240 to water cool this build. Thank You Very Much EKWB

    Renders and build pics coming up soon
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    Hi guys, I'm back with the render images, these will change a little bit towards the end of the build and i might add some more features, but this would be the general concept, i'm not going to modify the metal parts, except making room on top for 2 fans.

    This case is one of the most elegant cases that i've seen and i dun want it to loose that touch.
    I will not be focusing too much on having expensive components in the build so this would be a closed loop build with mid range specs, it's the look that i want to change to give it an assassin's creed theme.

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    So here we go with the first Update,

    Update 1:
    So I took apart the Pandora as I wanted some of the internal parts to be white. White looks very clean on a build so wanna make it as clean as possible

    Parts ready for painting

    So The Painted parts look like this, and when it's assembled it looks very nice.

    So that's all for this update guys.
    Till next time. Happy modding!
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    Update 2:
    Took apart the Bitfenix Spectre Pro Red LED fans to paint the outer frame white. It perfectly matches with the build when painted white. Red and White, perfect match.

    Now I have some free time, so I will keep updating more frequently.

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    Update 3

    Update 3:

    Hi everyone, I'm back with a new update. I designed a background design for the side panels, they looked quite empty just with the red designs, so I decided to add a background of Floral designs just like in AC.
    Initially I wanted to get it done in dark grey, but the sticker shop didn't have that sticker at that time. so I decided why not go with gold. You can see some test laser cuts as well in the following pics

    This is the 3x3 feet sticker cut I got

    When the non-windowed panel is complete it looks like this

    So here's the two panel, with sticker and without sticker

    Window panel before and after

    It's wasn't easy to take the main parts of the sticker out as the lines were as thin as 1mm, it took a long time to do this
    I'll be back soon with a new update

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    Hi Guys, Today is a small update on the laser cut products, Cut the top designs and side designs. After everything I realized that " 'S " wan't there, then i asked my friend to do that part on it.
    I was in two minds whether to paint the acrylic or not because it looked so beautiful even without paint.

    I'll update the painted ones in few days

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    Hi all, I'm back with another update, Painted the laser cuts with Red, white and black cols with a bit of gold in some parts. most of the parts I airbrushed to make sure the sides doesn't have a thick paint. so here are the pics of the painted parts

    This is how the top panel will look on top of the black mesh

    This is how the small pieces will fit on the side panels

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    Hi Guys, Back with a small update,

    So for the build I wanted to have the assassin's hidden blade on the front and the flintlock gun on the non windowed side panel at the centre of a circular red acrylic gear wheel looking thing. I used both flintlock gun as well as the acrylic design that looks like a gear to resemble industrial age, where the newer versions of assassin's creed take place.

    I made clay moulds for the shapes I wanted for the gun and blade. I did not make a shape first and mould it as this would make it easy for me to add designs to the parts

    I made a similar moulds for the gun barrel and other parts of the gun. after using resin to make the pieces and with a little clean up with the dremel they look like this. The wood part of the gun I cut with a Jigsaw and used dremel to carve the shape, then used sandpaper to make it smooth

    And after airbrushing this is how the parts looks. for the wood part I used Burmese Teek colour and a clear coat.

    Hope you like the build so far. This is my third mod and best among the three I guess. I'll be back with more updates.

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    First of all thank you very much for the nomination as one of the MOTM nominees, it's great honor.

    It's been one week since I last updated, was finishing up on the build so that I can update faster.

    So this is where it get's interesting, now it's time to add LEDs to the build, I want it to look extremely good in the dark as well, so here we go with how i did it.

    I made 4 standouts to hold the LEDs that light up the Assassin's Creed Logo using lathe, and made few other pieces to use as connectors to make the connection to side panels

    To make sure there are no visible cables on the build I used transformer coil to connect the LEDs, this was very hard coz the LEDs were about 3mm and soldering them to hair like coils were next to impossible, and just side panels have 64 LEDs built into the designs. Hope you guys like it's look

    Connectors and Standouts are like this

    So with these i can easily remove side panel without disconnecting any cables, just how it's supposed to be opened.

    Here are the Standouts

    Here you can see the scale with a pen

    For all these I used 64 leds and 20 resistors i took out from LED strips

    Soldering these was the hardest part as i mentioned to your before

    Then I went on and made holes in the acrylic pieces to glue in the LEDs

    Testing out the EK logo Lighting

    Bitfenix Assassin Logo

    Sadly Avexir logo was too small to fit in the LEDs. it was hard to fit the LEDs on the top right design as well as all the parts were extremely thin
    So this is how the build looks with everything complete except internal parts

    On the next update I will show you how I did the top panel lighting.
    Till then have a great weekend

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    Hi Guys, Back with another update, My final exams are coming up, so i have to finish the build log within this month and concentrate on studies, I'll get back to a new build after August

    So this update is about the top panel and the mysterious parcel I got from mail.
    I decided instead of replacing the top panel with a fixed panel, it would be better to place the acrylic design over the top mesh, but there was one problem...

    The evil hex design blocking all of my light and ruining the designs of the acrylic
    so i went on and took it apart piece by piece (very dramatic yeah )

    and it was just as I wanted, the depth of the frame was 5mm, perfect for my LED fitting

    Sooooo Now the Lights are much visible

    Then I glued on the acrylic designs to the top with Epoxy and Glued LEDs around the frame as well. I used a similar contact system that I showed in the last episode to make the top panel easily removable

    In the mean time I received a call from the postal office saying I got a parcel hmm what might that be.....
    Oh wait it's from Taiwan.....

    I should mention about the packing first, oh boy it was packed with several layers of bubble wrap to make sure the things inside can sleep safe and sound.

    So what was inside??????
    OFC they were the sexy AVEXIR Blitz 1.1 Gaming Red 16GB kit ... and The box they were really looked like a gift box, here are some nice pics of em.

    In the next update (21/06) I will open the other mystery box and we will focus on the internal mods

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