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Thread: Quakecon 2015 - Staff vs Staff Mod Off: Insomniac

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    Quakecon 2015 - Staff vs Staff Mod Off: Insomniac


    First time poster but a long time lurker in the forums here.

    I am participating on Quakecon 2015 Staff vs Staff Mod off contest and here is my build log.


    This year choice for the admin-mod contest was either Quake or Doom. For me, it was hard to choose the right theme as I loved both series growing up. I really wanted to tackle both themes at the same time however, I felt that Quake mods are all over the BYOC and we really don't see enough DOOM Mods. And so I've decided to go with full DOOM theme for the project.

    Everything start with an idea. That is usually the hardest part. To come with a unique idea you need creativity and imagination and for this particular challenge I was ready to give my best. I have spend numerous hours trying to come up with an original idea that would indirectly be attached to DOOM. One of the features of DOOM which haunts die hard gamers is "Skin Face". Skin Face is a texture which was created by Adrian Carmack (one of the four founders of id Software). This particular texture has swirling skulls that are coming out from the surface. I wanted to capture and interpret that in to my mod. My vision was to create an illusion of skulls which would appear to be coming out from the case.

    The scope of the project was not only to create a DOOM mod but also to educate beginner modders on techniques and methods for modding a case and also to demonstrate challenges which could be met with a set budget. The material I was going to use had to be carefully planned for as we all had a set budget to work with. Most of us have a variety of tools around so finding the right tool for the job is relatively easy however, what I wanted to do personally is to use only tools which could be found around the house or could be picked up relatively cheap at your local hardware store.

    Since this is my first build on Modders-inc please go easy on me

    Name:  2015-06-12 18.47.23.jpg
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Size:  23.6 KB
    First step was to completely remove all of the components that i would need to be working on.
    Name:  2015-06-12 18.50.00.jpg
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    Takes a while as you dont want to over bend any clips. This case has very fragile mountings.
    Name:  2015-06-12 18.51.35.jpg
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    Biggest problem for me with this case was the plastic bezel. To do what i want with it would mean a complete repaint.(keep reading)
    Name:  2015-06-12 18.52.40.jpg
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    To work on the side window i had to pop the plastic window out. No need to keep it in place, didn't want to scratch it or anything.
    Name:  2015-06-12 18.53.39.jpg
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    Now that everything was stripped, it was time to get dirty and high on fumes.
    Name:  2015-06-12 18.57.03.jpg
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    If you are going to be using chemical, please pay attention to safety. If you are stupid like me, then ignore the labels but if you don't want to get hurt I recommend getting a pair of gloves and some face gear.
    Name:  2015-06-12 19.00.52.jpg
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Size:  30.3 KB
    To strip paint I used Strip-X stripper. It take a while to work but that's what i wanted. I wanted to strip the paint only from the top of the panels.
    Name:  2015-06-12 19.04.01.jpg
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Size:  37.9 KB
    I picked up mason tub and dish from home depot. Wasn't pricey at all, about 10$ and it did the job. I do strongly recommend investing in a brush.
    Name:  2015-06-12 19.14.06.jpg
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Size:  68.5 KB
    Once the stripper starts to work, i used a sharp edge of an old grill cleaner and removed as much of paint as I could. This took a while but the results were very good.
    Name:  2015-06-12 20.10.19.jpg
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    Scrub scrub scrub.
    Name:  2015-06-12 20.37.19.jpg
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    After the scrubbing all of the paint i washed the panels in a soapy water. I wanted to make sure that i didnt had any chemicals on the metal as it would continue eat and eventually ruin steel.
    Name:  2015-06-15 20.30.00.jpg
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    So once the paint was gone and panels were semi clean, it was time for me to lose sleep and just polish them to reflection.
    Name:  2015-06-15 20.30.19.jpg
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    I used extra fine sand paper with combination of steel wool to polish the metal.
    Name:  2015-06-15 20.39.16.jpg
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    If you are going to polish anything, get ready to get dirty.
    Name:  2015-06-20 11.03.33.jpg
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    Some times it doesn't look like you will get that perfect shine, trust me you will. All you need is elbow grease.
    Name:  2015-06-20 11.41.08.jpg
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    So tired in this picture. Its crazy work!

    Name:  2015-06-20 13.39.19.jpg
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    I didn't just concentrated on polishing. I switched around between different parts of the modding. Sandpapering is fun but its not my thing really lol. What I was working in between sanding is a simple fader for the inside of the case.
    Name:  2015-06-20 13.39.28.jpg
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    I didnt had any connectors so i had to make my own. I picked up 4 strings of orange LED lights from ebay so i could use them in my fader. For power supply i used one of my small adjustable power supplies that would generate 12V which is needed for the LED strands. I was going to build my own fader but when i looked at the components to make it, it made sense just to buy it. I found one on e bay for 20$. If you need more info, shoot me an e mail.
    Name:  2015-06-20 13.42.29.jpg
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    Name:  2015-06-20 13.55.38.jpg
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    So some soldering and some measurements i got my fader to work the way i wanted to.
    Name:  2015-06-20 14.19.10.jpg
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    I have also made a connector for the PCI connection, so the fader could be plugged directly in to the power supply. Since i wount be using atx power supply with this case, i ll be including my small power supply with the mod.
    Name:  2015-06-25 21.57.57.jpg
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    Back to the panels. Trying to get that perfect shine. Keep in mind that not all steel is polishable to mirror shine. This just happened to be that kind of steel.
    Name:  2015-07-07 22.41.52.jpg
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    To polish panels i used Mothers automotive shine paste. In the past Mothers never failed me.

    Name:  2015-06-25 22.05.00.jpg
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    To give character to the case i picked up a steer bull skull and small human skull replicas on e bay. The bull skull was about 35$ and small skull replicas were 6$ each. Very reasonable. I have looked for a real bull skull and they were all over 100$ Way over my budget. And human baby fetus skulls, were about 800$ each. So i settled for replicas
    Name:  2015-06-25 22.05.22.jpg
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Size:  46.8 KB

    More to come.
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    Name:  2015-07-11 12.44.45.jpg
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    Here is a complete picture of what i ll be working with.
    Name:  2015-07-11 12.49.57.jpg
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    The bull skull came stained but the little skulls could use more staining.
    Name:  2015-07-11 12.52.07.jpg
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    What i used here is some dark sumatra coffee and basically submerged skulls/jaws in the coffee.
    Name:  2015-07-11 12.57.37.jpg
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    I have left my skulls to cure for about a day.
    Name:  2015-07-11 16.45.51.jpg
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    Not bad at all. Gave it that dark look in addition to already died resin.

    Name:  2015-07-12 11.26.21.jpg
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    To make case roll i added some wheels i had from previous mod. If you get similar type of wheels, expect to pay about 15$ for them God i love home depot.
    Name:  2015-07-12 11.40.01.jpg
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Size:  70.9 KB
    Now was the time to paint the front panel. Here i am using Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome Aerosol paint. I have heard good reviews on this so i thought i give it a shot.
    Name:  2015-07-12 11.40.04.jpg
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Size:  56.1 KB
    I wanted to achieve a chrome effect here but the surface on this case is not smooth. So i had no idea how this would come out. This can was about 11$ shipped. I recommend using 2 and a clear coat to seal the paint.
    Name:  2015-07-12 13.22.50.jpg
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Size:  39.3 KB
    Didn't came out half bad, but no chrome. A little reflective but no cigar.

    It was time to start putting things together.

    Name:  2015-07-12 13.17.37.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-12 13.17.53.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-12 13.24.19.jpg
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    Looks like its all coming together

    This step took a while to accomplish. Cutting and assembling skulls.
    Name:  2015-07-12 15.13.47.jpg
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Size:  51.3 KB
    Dremil and Gorilla Glue (water is the activator)
    Name:  2015-07-12 15.11.15.jpg
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Size:  55.7 KB
    Liquid Nails for touch up and glue. Later i have switched to heated glue gun. Heated glue gun seems to be cheaper to use in a project like this.

    Name:  2015-07-12 15.11.00.jpg
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    Lots of cutting here. What scrap material i had from cutting skulls, i reused it for the back support of the skulls.
    What i was going here is removable skulls that could be moved around the case. The case is steel so i would have to use some magnets.
    Name:  2015-07-12 15.11.03.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-15 11.38.44.jpg
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    Magnets are very cheap and could be picked up from Home Depot. This set of 8 costs just 1.98$ I am using hot glue stick to embed the magnets in the back of the skulls.
    Name:  2015-07-15 11.52.54.jpg
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Size:  38.4 KB
    It is a pain on the ass to make the magnets flush with the surface!
    Name:  2015-07-15 11.55.38.jpg
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Size:  41.5 KB
    I used a little shimmy cloth cutout and glued to the magnets so the surface of the case wouldn't get scratched.

    Next was to mount the fader in the case. The fader has a potentiometer that could be used to adjust frequency of the fader, so i had to mount it where it could be accessible.
    Name:  2015-07-15 22.15.38.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-15 22.26.05.jpg
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Size:  59.8 KB
    I ran the LED strands on the top and bottom of the case and attached them to the fadder. What i didnt get to finish here is to move the fader potentiometer to the front of the case. I really wanted to give a used the ability to adjust the frequency without opening the case, but i ran out of time.(build time)


    After putting all this together this is what i have came up with.

    Name:  2015-07-16 21.34.30.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.34.35.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.34.42.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.34.53.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.35.01.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.35.09.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.35.22.jpg
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    Name:  2015-07-16 21.35.15.jpg
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    Parts cost:
    Fader 22$ (ebay)
    Steer Skull 35$(ebay)
    Small skulls 8$ each 80$ for 10 (ebay)
    4 LED strands 5$ for 4 (ebay)
    Spaz Stix 11$ each 2 cans 22$ (ebay)
    Clear Coat 4$ (Home Depot)
    StripX Stripper 19$
    Steel wool 4$ each pack 2 packs 8$ (Home Depot)
    Sandpaper X fine 4$ (Home Depot)
    Pans 10$
    Wheels 15$
    Mothers Automotive polish 8$
    Gorilla Glue 4$
    Liquid Nails 3$

    Total 239$ (under 250$ budget)

    Thanks for checking out my mod.
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    Haha that looks awesome...Love the skulls!!

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    Heh, thanks so much.
    Who doesn't love skulls? This was difficult mod to do with 250$ budget.

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