It think it's about time I get started on my next pinball project. Many may remember me from my previous project:
Star Trek: The Mirror Universe ( Overview or Worklog here on Modders Inc )

I "finished" the project back in time for TPF'2014 and have since then been working on various mods at While I've enjoyed building some products for people; I've been itching to get back into the homebrew Pinball Scene. When I was wrapping up ST:MU; I toyed with the idea of creating a completely new, one off game based on the Borderlands universe created by Gearbox Software, LLC. This past weekend - I convinced myself it was time to begin the task of creating this one of a kind pinball machine.

Many may be thinking I'll simply be re-theming and existing machine like I did on my previous project; but this isn't the plan. Having successfully "mirrored" the Bally Star Trek; I'm going to go in Full Pin Mode and design the table from scratch. Right now; I think I'm going to base my game platform off of Multimorphic's P3 platform - maybe even using Lexy LightSpeed as a development platform. I consider Gerry a good friend and have faith in his platform as the future of Pinball. As a result; I intend to reuse much of his platform as I can during this build.

While I wait for Lexy to start production; I'm going to start on concepting some key functions of the table. I'd like to come up with three or more "assemblies".

Anyone who has played Borderlands knows that game combines a First Person Shooter with some aspects of RPGs... specifically the game introduces "billions" of guns thru a loot system many of which are presented to the user as either Enemy kill drops or thru a "loot chest". As a result; I think Borderlands Pinball must have a Chest and that chest must provide "loot" in the form of a colored Pinball in either Green (uncommon), Blue ( rare ), Purple ( epic). This special pinball will increase the score by a multiplier until it's drained. The chest should open similar to the in-game chests:

The second Assembly in my mind needs to be a Claptrap bash toy. He'd be toy which you hit repeatedly in a mode of the game for the shear joy of it.

Unsure of the third assembly; I'm thinking the game needs to have an upper Playfield or a pin table like on LOTR's ?path of the dead? but haven't really settled on a third assembly.

I'm thinking the game needs a custom "gun" ball launcher similar to STNG or Indiana Jones - but that will come later in development phase after I get a P3 Platform to prototype against.

So; this marks my official announcement of my next project. This is a Fan driven table created by a Fan. What does that mean? Simply; I'm encouraging and expecting input from fellow Borderlands Fans and Pinheads as I develop this machine. Feel free to share your ideas - but remember I may choose to disregard your ideas. If I use your idea; it may be heavily modified to fit my "vision" of the machine. You shouldn't take my decision to mean it's and endorsement or rejection to you personally or professionally.

This project is currently a FAN based machine... while I may offer a P3 Kit or a full machine in the future - it would be done so only after I have acquired full licensing from Gearbox. Those discussions would happen only when I have a pseudo-finished project to show them - if I can even find a contact at the company. This machine should be consider fan-based-art which is covered under "Fair-Use" laws.

Participants in this discussion should consider thoughts/idea "public domain" and give me the right to use this in whatever form the machine takes in a royalty-free basis. Even if that's a one-off-machine for my personal use, a P3 Kit, or a full fledge machine... the latter two are pipedreams but should be mentioned as a possibly. You should not consider my use of your idea as a exchange for a future royalty. If you're expecting something in exchange for participating in this discussion; then please do not share it here.

With the ground rules given above; let's have some fun and build a kick ash machine.

If you have a particular set of skills and would like to help on this machine... please feel free to leave a comment or send a PM to me. I can see right away that I'm going to need another Fan to be my Mechanical Engineer. Going to need someone to help me design these prototype assemblies.

- - - Updated - - -

Some may be wondering how this is relevant to Modders Inc? Well; it is a scratch build of a custom computer case!
Seriously; the P3 platform has a full ATX mobo and video card in the backbox.
But I figure you'll guys will get a kick out of the build regardless of the "computer" aspect.


Instead of a "score"; player collects money.
"skill tree" which activates features of the PlayField. Such as skills which increase ball save time, scoring multipliers, increase extra ball chance, ect. When ball drains; money is reduced similar to ingame money when the NewYou terminal is used. Maybe a skill that reduces NewU penalty.

One of the game modes; should be a "boss fight" where the player is attacking a boss. The wall scoops pop up to simulate a shield. As the ball hits the "shield" a hole opens in the scoop wall.. If the player can thread the needle and hit the lit target on the upper module; the player would get critical hits. Maybe a choice of "gun" here with sniper riffle would allow for instant kill.