Hey guys I understand custom cables are pretty much a must for all systems now and wanted to share my knowledge of the hobby with y'all as it can be a daunting task. So first why should y'all listen to what I have to say? Well besides being one of the Modders-Inc guys (Joe the one that likes super glue), I also own Sanctum Sleeving. The same company that has made custom cables for companies like, JayztwoCents, Nvidia, EK, XForma (formally MurderMods) and I used to work for Lutro0 Customs. So now that that's out of the way here are a few FAQs

How difficult is it to sleeve your Power Supply?

Well power supplies are all different but if I had to categorize them it would be difficulty increases as double wires increase. For those of you that do not know, a double wire is when two wires meet and are connected to the same terminal. There is a method called the double wire method to sleeve these but the method is not so much difficult but very time consuming.

Easy PSUs to sleeve
Silverstone strider series
Corsair Type 3 cables (RM, XXXi series, HXi series)
EVGA supernova

Difficult PSUs to sleeve

What are the basic tools I will need?

So I get just about all my tools from Mainframecustom.com its pretty much a one stop shop for all your sleeving/cabling needs now there are two types of sleeving but for the most part both PET and Paracord use the same tools.

Crimper-This lets you crimp the terminals to your wire

Wire Stripper- This seperates the insulation from the wire

Flush Cutters- This will be used to cut wire/ your sleeving material, its best to pick up two and have them dedicated to either sleeving or cutting wire.

Soldering Iron- Use this for when you need to solder the joints for double wires.

Scissors- Mostly for cutting heatshrink *Do not use on paracord

Paracord threader- This is only used for paracord and this tool acts as a cover for the pins to travel through the paracord without getting caught and ruining the paracord.

Depinning tools- It is pretty much a guarentee at some point you will need need to remove a wire from a connector, make sure to pick on of the ATX tools and the molex removal tools.

How much will this set me back?

Starting out the tools will be around 120-150USD. Sounds expensive but trust me when I say this, do not cheap out on tools, just spend the money upfront instead of trying to save a buck.