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Thread: New to modding. Have creative ideas and would like information and ideas/tips

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    New to modding. Have creative ideas and would like information and ideas/tips

    So I'm pretty sure my computer just broke last night lol and I've been wanting to build a new one for a while but I just recently got into Bill Owens videos and I'm inspired. I don't necessarily want to do the intrecat very high detailed mods. But I want to do something I don't think (not 100% surr if I'd be the first to do this) has ever been made before. I am a huge audio enthusiast. I know a lot about car sound systems and I love bass. I bought these $60 computer speakers that have 2 "5 subwoofers and then 4 2.5" speakers. The audio quality is mediocre but they work for me. So I'm wanting to do a fiberglass bevel to the front of a case and have the two 5" subs from these speakers in the front of the case, or if I can get like 2 6" x 7" car subs and put an amp in the computer to power these speakers and have the amp turn on when the computer does (I actually already know how to do this) and then buy some small speakers to put on the doors of the computer and have the side panels open like car doors with the speakers mounted on It. I would do a nice glossy red for the paint and the internal build would be all red and black. I would water cool it and have probably a dual 140mm radiator for cooling. I'm wondering if you guys think it'd be possible, original enough, and I also thought. - For those of you that do not know - subwoofers push and pull air inside of whatever its box is. The more power/rms the subs can play at the more bass, the more air pulled and pushed, the more fun etc. Would that be a semi-effective way to cool some components. I also know I couldn't do too much bass because it would potentially shake loose some components. That's also why I'd rather go with a watercooling system because something like the hyper 212 to cool the CPU its so big and blocky it would most likely fall of after a few weeks of use. For any fans I would probably put a nut on the screw so it won't fall out and have the radiator mounted at the bottom of the case or more preferably in a separate chassie under the case with just the PSU. I know the bass would effect the water in the radiator and the tubing so it would make that also less effective but I think it would still work out. Any thoughts? Ideas? Tips? Etc. Thanks

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    Interesting enough, however, the vibrations would wreak havoc on the components. Not like vibrating them loose, but like destroying the electronics themselves. I would not recommend it.
    If you look at application that use electronics in high stress areas, you will see the boards epoxied. To minimize the negative effects of g-forces caused by things such as base. But then you would run into warranty and heat issues.
    But you know. It's NOT impossible. But i fear more work than the uniqueness would be worth. Strictly my opinion. If you do go ahead with this I would definitely be intrigued.

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