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Thread: Project Revitalize - Painted R5E, Reverse Mount 900d, Titan X sli

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    Project Revitalize - Painted R5E, Reverse Mount 900d, Titan X sli

    What is Revitalize?

    Revitalize is the act of breathing in new life to my own personal build. It's been some time since i completed X7900D and its age is starting to show. Not so much in performance but more in the looks department. I've learned a lot since then on different modding techniques and now i finally have the opportunity to give it a face lift and bring it back into today's modding standards!

    The theme should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me and my palate, Primer Grey and Dark Grey/ Black accents. Ever since i made a rendering for a tj07 in primer grey and purple i fell in love with the primer aspect of it.

    Fortunately i already have most the parts for this build so its just modding and building, with some custom designed and made components.

    • Intel 5960X *Purchased*
    • Asus Rampage 5 Extreme *Purchased*
    • Corsair Ax1500i *Purchased*
    • 2 x Nvidia Titan X *Purchased*
    • 2x OCZ vertex 4 256gb*Purchased*
    • Samsung 840 Evo 500gb ssd *Purchased*
    • 32gb G.skill Ripjaws 2666mhz DDR4 Ram *Purchased*
    • Corsair 900d *Purchased*

    Water Cooling:

    • 2 x 480mm CoolGate Rad *Purchased*
    • 2 x D5 pump *Purchased*
    • Ek Supremacy Cpu block *Purchased*
    • 2 x Titan X Block *Purchased*
    • 14 x Corsair Sp120 HP fans *Purchased*
    • 2 x BP150 ML Tube Res *Purchased*
    • Rocket Science Fittings *Purchased*
    • Aquaero 5 LT *Purchased*

    Mods to Do

    • Make new rear insert for 900d get laser cut
    • Make new motherboard tray and mount
    • Disassemble and Paint 900d
    • Make SSD Holder
    • Make 100% Custom Cables / Sleeve
    • Make new LED Mid Plate
    • Paint MotherBoard
    • Paint Ram
    • Make new Corsair 900d Front Panel

    Lots to do and not a whole lot of time to do it, i'm confident i can get it done though. So come, kick back and hang out with me while REVITALIZE my personal rig!

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    Update # 1 Some Parts !

    First up for photo shooting is the amazing I7 5960 X, this whole build would not have happened if i didnt get a killer deal on it and jump start the process!

    its hard to shoot processors

    Next for this update is the Asus Rampage 5 Extreme. I had my first rampage with x79 and loved it, although i've never cared for the color pattern. That can easily be fixed tho tongue.gif:thumb:

    does anyone use this thing?

    going to shoot more this week and get my butt to the hardware store for some supplies !

    thanks for stopping

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    update #2 : 900disassembled

    Crunch time is now! so i started digging into the actual case.

    The Bezels come off nicely, only a series of screws hold it on, so thats nice.. They are identical too so that makes for switching them around easy.

    once i had the rear plate taken out, i drilled the rivets for i/o out

    simple enough

    Now we have the motherboard tray to take off

    pop them suckers out and poof, its loose. you can see my cable routing cut outs from before.

    next up is the cd cage



    ofc this would happen on the last rivet!

    now shes all empty

    Now i cut PVC pipes to make a DIY paint booth, since its avg 30F here in PA. no paiting in the garage....The last time i painted indoors was for perfectly pink, which turned out great, but not so much for my carpet doh.gif and the inevitable rear end chewing from the wife biggrin.gif

    so this time i wanted to actually make a booth to collect the excess spray dust and provide a nice way to hang items and make it easier to shoot.

    the booth will be 2' wide by 4' tall. made with 3/4inch pvc . i think it cost like 15-20 bucks for it all

    Name:  LL.jpg
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    Next update will have photos of the Aquaero and pipe bender. hopefully i'll get to shoot some paint soon too!

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    update #3 : Pipe Bender, Aquaero, and

    for this project i picked up the Rigid 408 1/2" looks and feels very professional and solid!

    Name:  bender1.jpg
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    Name:  bender2.jpg
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    Next up is the Aquaero 5 LT

    I chose to go with the LT version because i didnt need the LCD or buttons as this will be hidden in the bottom compartment *hopefully*

    very nice solid black pcb

    i also got the passive heat sink to go alone with it

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    Update # 5 - Ram, SSD, and Mobo Painted!

    alright everyone! i had more time to snap some photos of some more parts, and paint/finish painting the Rampage 5 Extreme

    on to the fototososos

    First lets start with the Ram... for this build i will be using 2x 16gb Kits G.skill Ripjaws 2666mhz DDR4

    so many dimms

    Next the Samsung Evo 500gb.

    and now for what we've all been waiting for

    Name:  booth1.jpg
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    Name:  booth2.jpg
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    And finished product!

    even did the back!


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    painted the Ram .

    first step mask

    then peel all the stickers off ofc and paint!

    i didnt have time to shoot these yet, but took a quick snap for you all

    they turned out great!

    i also received the new reservoirs for this build. i went with the Bitspower Water Tank Multi Z 150

    progess keeps on going

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    UPDATE : Ram/Fittings/ GPUs

    Last week i received the Rocket Science Fittings for this build! if you're following my Audi build (in sig) you'll notice i am using their silver versions. For this build i elected to go with the all black version!

    The boxes arent black, but that would be cool


    the Ram is finally dry!

    Peel off the masking tape cocoon


    take over!

    I already had the clear EK Supremacy waterblock from before, so i reinstalled it

    now install the RAM

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    got the Corsair AX1500i monster!

    did someone say composition?and one more for ya!

    When I built the 900d before I really didn't plan ahead for upgrades or anything so I took some easy ways out. One short cut I made was the fans. I spliced them all into cable per set so two had 3 fans and two had 4 fans... So I've been talking them all apart, shortening them and Sleeving

    Name:  fan.jpg
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    man oh man theres a lot of fans.. think i shortened and sleeved 14 corsair sp120s for this build. the reason why i shortened them was because when i built the x7900d i didnt plan ahead and cut and soldered them all together. needless to say this worked for what it was intended to but for upgrading it makes it a nightmare.

    onto the photos

    the tower!

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    14 fans!? WOW
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Americanfreak View Post
    14 fans!? WOW
    haha yeah man, i think i've actually have to pick up 2 more since im going dual quad rads now.

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