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Thread: OMFG... :s

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    OMFG... :s

    OMFG look what happned! I was crossing the road and my phone was in my shirt pocket. As i ran to avoid being hit by a very large intercity coach... i heard a familiar yet unwelcome sound.

    I turned round just in time to see the front wheels roll over my phone.

    Normally i would say, "hey, excuse for a new fone". I have my numbers stored on my pc and most of my photographs. But i'm skint... i cant afford a new one so i'm gonna need to wait to get a new one.

    The thing im most annoyed about tho is my memory card is trashed aswell. Its a brand new 2.0GB Magicgate. only got it a couple of months ago.

    Supprising the phone held together under about 12tonnes of bus:P

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    OMFG... :s

    Eww... that sux

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    OMFG... :s

    ductape is a god :P

    that sucks though

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    OMFG... :s

    Bummer. Do you use your SLVR to listen to music?

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    OMFG... :s

    Alas my K750i has passed on. I had quite a bit of music on it, but i only ever listened to it wen i forgot my Zen. 20gig holds a lot more of my music collection.

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    OMFG... :s

    Clink, clink, clink.... CRUSH. ::bus sounds::

    Sorry about your loss.. the same thing happened to me last year.. Just not with a big ol' bus..

    Twas in my pants pocket as i crossed an intersection.. and it had to fall out in the road, not on the sidewalk, or even close to the side of the road.. I noticed it was gone, turn, and smash..

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    OMFG... :s

    I got a new one anyway. Got the W810i. tis a great wee phone

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