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Thread: Need help with Metallic Flake spay paint.

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    Need help with Metallic Flake spay paint.

    I'm working on a Corsair 750D. I love the case and decided I just can't deal with the textured charcoal gray-black any longer and decided to go with a Black and Red theme to match my motherboard and other components.

    I decided to work with Rustoleum's Midnight Black Metallic spray paint and Cherry Red Metallic spay paint. I'm not to much of a stranger to working with rattle can paint and even have a make shift paint booth to work in. But I'm having issues with how the paint settles on the case.

    With some experimenting with spare older case doors. After cleaning the doors (Dishwasher can do great things for getting case parts clean). Some base sanding then automotive primer sanded down 400/800/1000 Grit. Then back to the dishwasher then a second rinse and dry, final wipe down with a blue tack cloth and off to the hanger for paint.

    (Paint... and the real issue, sorry to drone
    With just a few passes (3 light to mod coats) I'm getting a very textured results, be it even. I'm trying to avoid the orange peel effect and have up to 2500 Grit to sand it down with. But I'm reluctant to sand this type of paint down. Other test doing just several more passed seem to build the paint up and get it a bit smoother, but you loose the color and it basically looks like a glittery mess.

    I'm looking for a metal flake black look. The red has a MUCH lower flake content and seems a bit easier to work with.

    I'm also considering using a black gloss paint over a layer of the metallic black.

    Any suggestions?

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    To paint metallic use the standard 50% overlap when spraying, start from the bottom up and when you think you are done spray a figure 8 fogging pattern over the entire paint job to blend the metallics.

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