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Thread: Man-Bot a 3-day build

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    Man-Bot a 3-day build

    Man-Bot Scratch Built PC In 3-days!

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    Scratch built Man-Bot mod comprising,

    Asus mini itx impact VII motherboard
    I7 4790K quad core CPU
    16GB GSkill Ripjaws X RAM 1866mhz DDR3
    1000 watt PSU
    M.2 SSD that's on the motherboard so no cables
    I have an AMD Radeon 3GB R9 280 Graphic Card that I'll use temporally until I can get an NVIDIA card.

    5mm plywood sheet
    3/4" foam sheet
    96" threaded rod
    144" of 1/2" x 1/2" square wooden dowel
    1 roll aluminum foil tape
    6 cans of paint
    epoxy resin
    Hammer shot Nurf dart gun
    Red Cylon Eye PCB

    I modeled this case after the Ames Brothers Man-Bot seen in the Big-Bang Theory on Sheldons' T-shirt

    It only took me about 3-days to build, admittedly I didn't do any finish work on the body so a paint scheme has to be chosen that doesn't emphasize the surface defects.

    In fairness to me tho I was planning on a distressed, steampunk, Victorian, Half life type paint job. My concept paint scheme was yellow and black but as soon as I put some paint on the bot I knew I'd either have to do the finish work or select different colors.

    This Man-Bot build is actually my second build my first was in 2009 when I built a PC in a cardboard box ha ha don't laugh its been in service every day since! But that's another story for a different day.

    I formed man-bot's skeleton using 5mm plywood threaded rod and formed his legs and arms from 3" cardboard shipping tubes. I cut notched sections out of the cardboard tubes to form the bends in his arm/legs and sewed them back using zip-ties.

    I covered his head/body with 2" wide x 10" long foam strips that I cut form an 4' x 8' sheet of insulating foam that I got from Lowe's hardware.

    I cut 6" circles with 3" holes in the middle and slide them up the arms, glued in place using expanding spray foam in a can as the glue.

    Next I glued on individual sections of his armor platting...

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    Made his belt buckle and afterwards I applied epoxy resin over the foam to give em a nice candy shell

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    Made em a few magnetically attached accessories f.e.g a hammershot Nurf dart-gun and Nunchuckas!

    Note the On switch and usb ports located in the belt-buckle.

    Next I began to figure out how I was going to mount the electronic components. But that is when things began to get a little complicated as it became painfully apparent how difficult it was going to be to access or service the electronics after installation.

    I came up with two ways to get into the cabinet or the body of the bot. One was a hole on top of his head or is that in his head lol

    The other was a sliding access panel located in the back of the bot. But I quickly figured out it wasn't going to work well or be very easy to open/close the panel against the IO ports of the mobo.

    I eventually came up with a mini itx case that fit right into the back of the bot! But having scratch built in mind I decided to build my own chassis from wood.

    After several attempts I ended up pulling the case off of the PSU and mounted the PCB right in the bottom of the case along side the mobo! There was a conflict between this full sized PSU and mobo fan so I had to do something creative

    Afterwards I covered the wooden chassis with aluminum foil tape and applied a herringbone pattern to the aluminum foil that looks a little like a carbon fiber pattern. Then I installed the wooden chassis onto a removable soft close drawer slider for ease of serviceability.

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    Next I started figuring out the paint scheme but as soon as I applied a little paint I knew I was going to have to do the finish work or choose different colors...aheem I chose different colors lol

    I don't know about you but sanding epoxy resin is not my idea of fun it takes a lot of elbow greases as well as a ton sandpaper! NUFF SAID

    Well thought I would try a little drywall mud as a body putty filler and do a little finish work. That worked out well but needs more work. I just ain't going to do it and you cant make me lol So next came the paint mach up...

    But man oh man could you see the imperfections!

    Did I mention I ain't fixing em and you can't make me

    Unhappy at this point I grabbed the first can of paint within my reach and began painting away! You guessed it good ol Pumpkin! was the first color I grabbed!

    Ewe! It looks like a jack-o-lantern...

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    Even more disappointed at the color as well as the visible imperfections I grabbed a can of black spray paint and began fog coating all over the Pumpkin paint job.

    But that's when the 3' tall Man-Bot really came alive!

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    Yes that is a crowbar in his hand lol
    And yes he's kind of a Half Life throwback!

    If you kill me you're cheating!

    That's it!

    Is there more?

    You bet there is!

    You ain't seen nothing yet!

    What do you mean we ain't seen nothing yet?

    You ain't seen how I installed the electronics package or what it can do

    But Ill give you a hint its hot swappable!

    Cost of the bot case $85.00

    Non sponsored affiliate.

    No sponsors were directly or indirectly involved in this project, period.

    Guess I showed them now didn't I
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