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Thread: Help with wood case (Airflow)

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    Help with wood case (Airflow)

    Hey everyone, I want to build a wood case for my new PC.
    I was thinking in something like this
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    The front panel will be acrylic

    Here are my questions:

    The airflow will be functional?
    Should I put the PSU in the bottom of the wooden box?

    Here is my PC:
    I5 6600K
    Asus Z170-K
    Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133MHZ
    EVGA 600b PSU
    500GB HDD (temporary)
    GTS 450 (temporary)

    I accept any suggestions, it's the first time that I will do something like this and I don't want to screw it up
    Thank you!

    (Yes I suck at google sketch up, I downloaded it 30 minutes ago)

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    Looks good and simple enough, Just make sure to keep the wood away form very hot components. If you want to mount the psu at the top you'll have to make some sort of a mounting bracket to hold it in place.

    What you basically want is something like this:
    with the intakes at the bottom to suck the cool air in and as heat rises the hot air will exit at the top.

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