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Thread: ROG Tek'tonic III

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    ROG Tek'tonic III

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Mihail and I'm part of the Mekatronix Works team. I want to share with you, our second scratch build we've done.
    This was mod was our entry in the ASUS ROG casemod competition in advanced of the 2015 Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Dreamhack event. It won us the first price, at the competition and we presented it at Dreamhack event.

    The mod is a watercooled scratch build with a see-through HUD side panel, where real time system information can be displayed.
    The HUD is a transparent TN panel, put on top of a laser-etched plexiglass, right on top of the motherboard.

    All of the information are pulled from the drivers, sent to a Raspberry PI, which then displays it on the side HUD panel.

    i7 4790k;
    16GB HyperX beast @2400MHz;
    Asus Maximus VII Formula;
    HyperX 3K 120GB SSD x2 RAID0;
    ASUS GeForce GTX 980 Poseidon Platinum

    Phobya 360mm radiator
    Phobya CPU-Cooler UC-2 LT
    Alphacool Cape Corp Coolplex Pro 15 LT
    Alphacool 13/10 compression fitting 90 revolvable G1/4 - Deep Black
    Masterkleer tubing PVC 13/10mm (3/8"ID) UV-reactive dark red
    Laing DDC-pump + Alphacool Laing DDC Plexi cover

    We are new to the game and for our next project we will keep an updated work-log.

    Hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated!
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    It is very difficult to get used to the new game, clicker heroes

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    Wow, this thing looks like a monster, it runs all the games. bubble shooter


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