Hi everyone!

I am currently creating my shopping list to build my second build. This one will be a custom loop build, mostly for aesthetics, but that is besides the point. The question I have right now is in regards to sleeving my own cables. I have seen online that people recommend using 18 AWG cable for all devices, where other people have recommended using 20-22 AWG cable for lower draw devices (i.e. optical bays and drive bays). Does it really matter if I use 18 for all my cabling needs, or should I use the different gauge for the other devices.

The other question I had is are there any places to buy computer wire from besides ordering it online. I have the time to order it online as I am still shopping around, I would just rather go out and buy it somewhere if possible rather than ordering online.

I saw that Home Depot sells wire, but I am pretture sure coxial is for networking (correct me if I'm wrong).

Thanks for all the help!