I moving components from my HAF X 932 to my new HAF Stacker 935. As I've purchased a second 915, all of my drives will go in one of these freeing the main case up for res and pumps. The 3 1/2 drive bays in the main case compartment have been removed and I plan on placing both of my res/pumps in that location. Once the drive bays had been removed, there is essentially a hole in that area. This sort of leaves me with no choice but to mount the reservoirs to the back panel through that gap. This really isn't an option for me as I would like to open and close the back panel when needed for continued work. My thought is to build a plexiglass wall to mount my two Monsoon MMRS res/pump systems to. I have plexiglass on hand from my previous case project but I'm not sure if 1/8in thickness would be strong enough to hold both res/pump systems and coolant? I do plan on cementing braces on to the plexiglass wall and anchoring to the case by some means. I'm not sure if I should look at 3/16 or 1/4 instead. The problem would be whether the screws from the 12mm pump mounts (1" screws) would be able to attach to the res if I use a thicker sheet. 1/4" is pushing it as I tested it with two 1/8" pieces. The screw didn't go in far into the res. Thanks for any suggestions.

Case:HAF Stacker 935 w/ 915F & 915R:
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Res/Pump System Monsoon MMSR:
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