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Thread: The Witcher Mod - Jon & Ron

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    The Witcher Mod - Jon & Ron

    We would like to give a huge thanks to all our sponsor.
    You guys didn't even hesitate to donate to such a great cause.
    This wouldnt be possible with out you.
    Ron and I are very excited to get started on this and look forward to all the feedback.

    Jon (PennyWise) Hansz

    Ron Lee Christianson

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    Here is what we started with.

    We also had other sponsor that donated to our build.

    Nvidia Geforce Garage





    Thermaltake. When the rest arrive I will picture the Ring fans.


    Western Digital

    TAP Plastics

    There are couple other products that are coming in later.
    I will post pictures once they come in.

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    I'm a little old school when it comes to designing a case and coming up with ideas.
    Once I have an idea, I use transfer tape and draw it up on the case.
    Keep in mind, they are quick rough sketches.

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    So lets get things started.
    I used a piece of transfer tape to copy about the same image on to another piece.
    Now I have a flat surface to work on.
    Using sculpey, I will be making a general shape of what I want the face to look like.

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    Time to make the Donuts...
    I pulled the clay up with the transfer tape.
    Trimmed the edges a little.
    Placed on some tin foil and upside down cookie sheet.
    Put it on 275 about 40 minutes.
    It is thicker in some areas, so the middle wont harden as much as you would think.
    I am just looking for the outside to be a little stronger.

    Trimmed the edges up a bit and placed it on my make shift vacume former.
    Its not great, but does the job and it didnt take alot of time to build.

    Heated up the 1/8" plastic in a window frame.
    I put metal tabs on each side and just put it in my home oven.
    Now I have a basic form of the face that is light weight and can be attached to the front of the case easily.
    If I had used the clay, the case would have weighed a ton.
    I also wanted to keep Caselabs Panel design functional.
    and with the custom res. I got planned, it will be heavy enough.

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    I forgot to mention a little about the build.
    This will be 1 of 5 mods being raffled off at the next PDXLAN.
    All proceeds will be going to The Phil Scholz Foundation.

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    Ok, let get down to the bulk of the body work on the outside of the case.
    I will be doing all the detail work on top of the vacume form with some magisculpt.
    The trick with this is doing it in stages and layers.
    I am going for more of a rough look as its meant to look like it was in battle.
    So I plan to leave it somewhat rough.
    Ron will work his magic with the airbrush when its ready for paint.

    I cut out the image from the plastic were I need to do detail work on.
    Then I riveted it on to the front panel.
    The bays were covered to keep most of the magisculpt off to prevent it from sticking.

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    Most of the face has been formed with some of the detail work.
    As parts hardened, I added more around it and on top of it.

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    Using some more plastic, I used a heat gun and formed it to were the teeth are going to go.
    I drew on some teeth, then cut them out.
    Also cut away some of the magisculpt from the gum line so they sit back in further.
    There is just tape holding them on right now for the last picture.

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    I attached the teeth with rivets to the vacume formed face.
    Using more magisculpt, I built out the teeth, and culpted the gum line.

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