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Thread: VERY new to modding and pc building in general so any help is valued!

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    Question VERY new to modding and pc building in general so any help is valued!

    I built a PC in July, but it was pretty badly done and I'm ready to redo it. I have an old guitar amp and I am going to take the mesh off the front and put plexiglass there instead. I have most of the parts that I need, but I want to make that I have everything ready before I start. Does anyone know exactly what screws and their specifications (length, grade, thread, width, etc) for motherboards and where I can get a female end holder (I saw about them on LTT's "PC under desk" build)? Also does anyone know how to attach a GPU to a surface? I am going to us some of the switches that are already there and will salvage connectors from my old shitty case (reset, on/off, LEDs, etc). Finally, and this one I'm pretty proud of, I will be using the knobs as RGB controllers.

    Thanks for giving this some thought. This is my first post so if I made any forum faux pas please let me know, or if this not the right forum at all, telling me would be helpful.
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