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Thread: Great results using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut + Minus 8 Pads for delidding/CPU/GPU

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    Great results using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut + Minus 8 Pads for delidding/CPU/GPU

    I recently changed out my thermal grease from EK- Ectotherm to Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut to coat the top lid of my IHS. I decided to take it a step further and delid my i7. I delidded my i7 3770K to replace the stock thermal interface material (TIM) that Intel puts between the CPU chip and the underside of the integrated heat spreader (IHS). After much research I decided to replace the stock CPU TIM with some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. I wanted a grease that was meant for overclocking. Before I could only get my chip stable using Prime95 at 4.2 GHz. If I clocked it any higher my temps would reach its limit in a few seconds (85-105C) After I delidded my chip and applied Kryonaut to the chip die and lid, I was able to get 4.6 GHz stable running Prime95 for 1 HR

    I was able to drop my temps by 24C let alone have the ability to even try a higher overclock than 4.2 GHz stable using Prime95. Kryonaut open the doors to push my chip to the limits in a safe manner. An added benefit was reducing power consumption of the the CPU by ~10%

    Next up was swapping out my OEM thermal pads on my 7990 water block with minus 8 pads. I used latex gloves while cutting and placing the pads. Used 1.0mm pads for the VRM. and 0.5mm for the rest and applied Kryonaut to both GPU's. AMD's 7990 are notorious for being hot running Graphics cards. When it was stock air cooled the idle temp was 62C and 79C max temp when gaming. Switched to watercooling using stock OEM pads that came with my waterblock & EK- Ectotherm which gave me an idle temp of 40C and max temp of 59C playing Battlefront on ULTRA. With Thermal Grizzly Minus 8 pads and Kryonaut my idle temps dropped to 35C and 48C max temp on Battlefront Ultra. That's a -31C drop from aircooled when gaming.

    I replaced the OEM thermal paste on the South + North bridge on my motherboard with Kryonaut. Added a minus 8 pad (1.0mm) on the South Bridge which always runs hotter. Idle the South bridge use to run at 68C but now runs at 41C

    Overall heat reduction using Thermal Grizzly products has significantly brought my temps down. It has enabled me to reach full potential of my CPU + GPU while keeping temps safe. Glad to see a new company offering high end products.

    - Decreased my temps by -31C
    - Applicator serves as a spatula making it
    easy to apply the grease
    - Lowest temps I've ever reached overclocking
    - Comes with 2 applicators and a long term storage bag

    - None so far

    My water cooling components:
    Heatkiller IV Pro acrylic clean CPU water block
    7990 GPU water block
    200mm Phobya radiator
    240mm Black ice radiator
    XSPC Photon 170 Reservoir/D5 Vario Pump Combo
    13mm PETG Primochill tubing
    Distilled water with PT Nuke
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