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    Smile DOOM - ZenModz

    Hello again.

    The build based on the new DOOM game.

    The Build will be entered in the Cooler Master world series Case mod.


    With this build I'm not going to try and better or match any other past doom builds,

    I'm just going to give my own style of the new Doom game how I see it and the only way I know how, And that is to mod the crap out of it. I hope you enjoy the ride. This build only has a 8 week life span as it must be done before the last day for entering the Cooler master world series. So I have a real lot of work to do to get it done in time.

    Before we get started I would like to thank all my new sponsors for believing in me, And for all your support you have given for this new build,. It means a lot to me.

    To start off here is some of the coolest gear from Cooler Master.
    Pun intended.

    The Master Pro 5 case that will be used in this build, as well as the CM 850 PSU,
    CM Silencio FP 120 PWM fans, And to top it off I will be painting a CM STORM MECH Keyboard to match the Master Pro 5 case.

    I will go into more detail for each item as the build moves along.

    To start of some photo, of the work I have done so far over the last week.

    MR creepy well that what I call him. and for some strange reason no one I know like the look of him. not sure why.

    He started off as two blocks of sign foam and glued together with a thin layer of body filler. and a rough drawing of where I think things go.

    The entire build will be done all by hand or hand tools. no 3d printing or any cnc used.

    Next the dremel come out to play. and some 120 grit sand paper.

    So far so good. ?

    Next is the Clay. Oh god now what, I'm thinking to my self! where to start ? Let me just say this is the first time I have tried doing some thing like this so it took some thinking before adding the clay.

    I used ping pong balls for the eyes as they looked close to the eyes so thats what i used.

    I have also started adding the space for the teeth which after doing all the top ones, i found that they where all to wide so later one I re-did them.

    Started adding some pins for the teeth. as well as the center bones for the eye brows

    And here the inside of the bottom jaw.

    Now the holes for the teeth on the bottom jaw.

    Here I have cut the bottom jaw out to make it easier to work on.

    More pins, And look his first tooth how cute.

    That soon changed. :Paranoid:

    And then there where more.

    Remember what I was saying about the top teeth holes fix now.

    starting to add more detail now. and have fitted the bottom teeth back.

    Here I'm adding the gums hanging off. Should look good when painted.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Case Striped and off to be painted.

    And back into shape.

    That all for now more again real soon.

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    Keeping it going.*

    Some mesh for the hand that I'm going to start making.

    Starting to cover the mesh and added the wire for the fingers.*

    Added the bends for the fingers.*

    More on that later on for now back to the skull.*
    I added *a drip what should look like blood dripping once painted.

    What I have done next is sprayed the skull in some high-fill 2K primmer when dry I will sand with 600 grit paper. and then I will paint the skull Bone white.

    Now dry enough for sanding.*

    Thanks again for stopping by.
    More again soon.
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    If I only know how much fun this was before. I would have been doing this years ago. Hope you all like it so far.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    The hand is all most done, then just needs painting.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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    Got some of the painting done today mostly the skin and nails on the hand.
    and will do the rest in the morning.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

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    Hand is done.

    Now back to the skull.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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    Don't look if your skittish around blood.

    That's all for now,

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    Hello again.

    Not giving to much away on the case ATM. But it is well under way.

    if anyone wants to know how the can it still be opened I'm making it so all the panels can still be removed.

    To start the ball rolling here is the Mobo process.

    The Mother Board going into the Doom build is the ASUS Sabertooth X99 2011-3

    The link can be found here :

    I think a very cool looking Mobo to start with for the Doom case. and should work well with the theme with it's armor plate cover.

    What I like most about this Mobo is all the extra bits that come with it like the PCI-e covers and a plug for every thing plus a fan that can be add to the Mobo for some better cooling that I'm going to be using.

    Plus you get 4 ram bank fillers to hide the empty ram slots. as well as 3 thermal sensors that plug into the Mobo.

    So to start off I have removed the Armor to get it ready for it to be painted in silver.

    Ok here come all the PC goodness so I wont do much more talking as I know most of you will just look at the pretty photo's

    All Silver.

    Adding a small amount of yellow. more yellow will be added to the inside of the case later.

    Here I also repainted the text onto the hole mobo. to make it all stand out.

    For the next photo's I have done a small amount of weathering on the Mobo.

    Thanks to Cooler Master and AVEXIR I get to use some sweet looking BLITZ Series AVEXIR Ram. You just have to love how good there ram looks.

    But I'm still going to mod it just a bit. to work in with the look of the Mobo.


    Now silver.

    And now even sexier then before.

    Here is the Mobo completed :P

    That it for now, As always thanks for stopping by.

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    Hello again.

    First off for this week Cooler Master sent me some A cool t-shirt and a drink container for being part the the Cooler Master World Series. Thank you CM I will wear it with pride, :thumbup:

    Sadly Ive been told I look bad in photos. What do you think ? I was Home Alone at the time. and was a bit scared when the flash went off

    So the build is still moving along, I started off making a airlock door. and some rails for the inside and some other parts, then moved on to the case again.

    The Rails relay suck to make. just my 2 sense worth. And yes I need to make more! :upset:

    All of this build is hand made, cut out mostly with a sharp blade and other hand tools.

    Still adding to the look of the case as I go. Below is where I'm up to so far.

    Some parts are being shaped with sign foam to make it a bit quicker.

    That's about it for now. I'm waiting for the water cooling gear from Bitspower to arrive then I can start getting the inside up and going as well.

    But for now I'm trying to get the outside all done, Not all that much more to go on the outside. just lots of small bits.

    Again thanks for stopping by.
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