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Thread: VaultWare, The Portable Gamer's PC

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    Lightbulb VaultWare, The Portable Gamer's PC

    Hello everyone,

    So, a few years ago, I was inspired to build a portable "brietcase computer" by forums just like this one and other modders who had made these awesome creations. Not only was I inspired, but determined to create an even better portable computer that could be marketed to those who need portability and power.

    I think I have done a pretty good job so far, and the next prototype will be the best yet (batteries)! If this interests you then come check out my website at:

    Please note that I am currently running the website on my home computer, so it doesn't have 100% uptime. Check back later, especially between 3:00-7:00pm West coast time, to check it out! I will also be posting build logs of the next protoype both on my website and on this forum.

    Here are some pictures of my previous builds:
    The Model 0 was the one I built right after seeing the Lando briefcase computer (for $30 and spare parts) and is the proof-of-concept
    The Models 1 and 2 are the subsequent prototypes, see my website for more details!
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    I will be uploading picture of the progress on the Vaultware Model 3 soon

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