I've been talking about this for 2 years now and think it's time to do it.
I'll start pulling out all the old papers/sketches and dimensions.

Ideally I'd like to have this look like a larger scale model with stand.
Stand doubles easily for power/port feed without being too visible.

Potential Materials:
-- PVC Pipe with mount for mITX motherboard on one side, GPU/PSU on the other
-- Metal/Wood Stand

Potential Concerns:
-- Proper scale. The last time I estimated this the cockpit to solar wing ratio was way too big. Like table size big.
I might have to break scale to pull this off. Was using the following schematics: www.x2creativos.com/pdf/tie_bomber.pdf (Credit to Rafael Mateo García for the schematics.)

Original Parts List:
I will be making a Skylake version but budget concerns may make this the easier build.