Hi my name is Mickee from the Philippines, this is my first worklog here in the forums I hope you guys would like it.

For the materials I will be mainly using 3mm thick plexiglass and some spray cans.

PC Hardware:
Chassis: Tecware Alpha
System Fans: ID Cooling Fan NO12025
Watercooling: Thermaltake Pacific Watercooling components
CPU: Core i5 6600K
Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Carbon
PSU: Bitfenix Fury 550G
HDD: 1TB Western Digital Blue

Here goes nothing!

Base case


To come up with a new look for the front panel, I removed the wire mesh and the honeycombed grill beneath it then made some acrylic panels using a motosaw.

Painted the case matte black as well as the new front panel.

Side panels from white to silver.

Since the case has a built in PSU shroud I decided not to change it and just add a few details.


I do not have a solid plan for this build to be honest that's why the design in my mind keeps on changing. (Yes this is not good a practice) I ditched the original sidepanels and created new ones using plexiglass.


I will use these sliders to mount the new panel on the backside of the case.

Here it is mounted, Im quite happy with how it turned out and everything can still be easily accessed from the back of the case if needed be.

I have also started to apply the weathering details using spray cans, dry towels, sand paper and a paint brush.

Gave the front I/O ports a little tilt.

More acrylic for the side panel (front side) air vent style.

Additional details for the new sidepanel.

Glued together, painted and weathered.

Those are all for now, I will be back to introduce and install the PC Components that we will use for this mod or If additional ideas pop up then I will be screwed :duh: but so far I really am enjoying this and that is the most important part