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Thread: MSI GTX 1070 doesn't fit in my Carbide 240.

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    MSI GTX 1070 doesn't fit in my Carbide 240.

    Hi Guys,

    I've nearly finished my rebuild and have run into a nightmare. My new MSI GTX 1070 X won't fit in my corsair carbide 240. It seems to be the depth/width of the case that's the problem. I have a micro-ATX motherboard but it's the beast of a GPU that won't fit in the case. Can someone recommend me a new case with similar dimensions? But wider ofc to fit the GPU. The other issue is fitting it in my desk. I have posted a pic below for comparison so you can see the room i have to work with. I had to cut out part of the pci chambers just to get it to fit in. Now i can't fit the side on and all that precious cooling is going to waste. I'd appreciate any advice!

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    It's a little more pricey but have you looked at the CaseLabs Bullet series?

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