For Gigabyte's 30th Anniversary contest I will be submitting "Anima" Built into a Thermaltake Core P5, the system will feature an X99 based system with 64 GB of DDr4 RAM, an M.2 or PCIe SSD for the OS and 2 500 GB SSD in raid 0 for everything else, still deciding on the actual CPU model hoping to use Broadwell but may end up using a Haswell-E, video will be handled by 2 1080's in SLI, the power supply is still undecided. this will be a VR LAN box that has a motorized display mounted on the back that raises and swivels 180' so that it can be viewed by both the user and the audience at the LAN. So here is some concept art. *Disclaimer this is a concept and parts are subject to change, however my over all theme will not change it will be the 30th Anniversary with a Dishonored 2 color scheme and art design. The front panel will have logo's laser engraved and lit with either LED's or laser diodes.

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I will post a parts list soon still finalizing on some of the hardware. Going along with the build log we will be doing unboxing videos and vlogs so keep an eye out for those. Overall I am very excited to see how this build is going to turn out and can't wait to get to work!!