this is my submission for the gigabyte mod challenge. I will be using a gigabyte z170x gaming 7 motherboard, a intel core i5 6600k, 2 intel ssds,and a rm750 power supply in the corsair 750d case. all other parts have not been decited on yet. the main colors will be red and white. i might change the name.

i will use the corsair 750d. sorry for the bad drawings i used ms paint, hopefully they at least get the idea of the design across. the circuit board design will be remade.
Attachment 3453
first i will paint the 750d to look like this.
Attachment 3454

i will add a pop up on the top to add more reservoir and radiator space and have a i2c display cpu usage i would also like to make the window out of glass. i will make a psu shroud and cover the 5.25 drive bays and ssd mounts.
Name:  750d windows side.jpg
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i will put a infinity mirror to cover the 5.25 drive bays on the front. i will make another pop out over the fans, these will have mesh on the corners to allow more airflow
Name:  750d mod front.jpg
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on the other side panel i will have the g1 gaming eye, the aperture labs logo and a circuit board pattern
Name:  side panel 750d.jpg
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