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Thread: 2016 Staff vs Staff : The Book of Cain

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    2016 Staff vs Staff : The Book of Cain

    "Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen."

    And such was my beginning into one of the most fabled and addicting games I had ever known. Spanning 2 additional sequels, Diablo set my imagination alight and brought many adventures to life!

    Through all of the chaos, all of the warnings, through the dire times when all seemed bleak... Deckard Cain and all of his knowledge was always there to advise and direct. His tome though... that massive binder of all things heaven and hell, was the key. I've been thinking about this mod for years... how could I build the Book of Cain? There weren't very many good and detailed pictures of it.
    Then, Diablo 3 arrived... and with it, was a Blizzard creation of the Book of Cain! An actual hard back, for purchase!
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    Oh, and lets not forget that the book is shown in nicely rendered detail in the cutscene at the funeral pyre!!

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    All of this totally set my mind ablaze! The book, the size!!!! Then the hardback which follows many of the rendered style and design queues!!! I now had my blueprint. Now.... how to build it???

    I've had it in my mind, but that dosent transfer well to a work log, so I sketched it out on paper, scanned it, and will post it up here.
    Name:  book1.jpg
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    Essentially, the book will be constructed and framed from various thicknesses of wood panel. The left side of the book will have a monitor buried inside the left cover, the monitor will actually be covered with light weight paper so that an active image will show through. It will be the Diablo3 logo playing in a loop. The idea is to make it look like the paper has a magical energy permeating the pages, so much so that the logo is apparently "burning without burning" on the page. The other side (right side) of the book will house the system board, processor, memory, SSD drives and power supply. The sides will be covered in layered paper to give the look of a massive volume of ancient writings, bound together.

    Name:  book3.jpg
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    All of the outer book designs, from the rear symbol, to the corner embellishments, to the rear binding reinforced with hinges, all have a place in the mod, and will be designed out to be cosmetic and partially functional.

    Name:  book2.JPG
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    The great thing about this monitor is that it is one cable. Power and signal over USB3. It is slender, and the screen is responsive enough to pull off the animation.

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    I have never done a scratch build before.... but I am so looking forward to this build.

    So.... "Stay awhile... and listen..."
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    So I have to admit, some of what I am doing on this mod is using my X-CARVE from Inventables, and learning how to use it. For the frame that will house the monitor, I used some CNC trickery to pull off this frame design:

    Name:  frame1.jpg
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    The monitor that will be hidden in the back is a USB monitor from AOC.
    Single cable, USB3, for power and signal
    Name:  frame2.jpg
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    It will lay in the framework facing the inside of the book:
    Name:  frame4.jpg
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    So, once I had the frame sizing dialed in, I started setting up the side walls for the "box shell", that I will be building around.
    break out the glue and clamps everyone.... lets flesh out the basic shape!
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    I give you win already :-)
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    Well.... didn't finish by Quakecon (tips hat to Michael) so I have been focusing on wrapping up my day job distractions and trying to come up with the focused energy to make this mod what I know it can be!

    So, here is what I did...

    The Book of Cain corner embellishments are 3 layers of effects.
    Name:  e8e75e5247ca7cdc2ba6aee25d37b42e.jpg
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    I then took the book image and isolated the corner, then printed it off at the 1:1 size that I need this book perspective to be.
    Name:  book_corner_large.jpg
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    In order for me to cut these 3 pieces with the X-Carve, I literally printed this picture 3 times, and cut out the individual shapes and colored them black. I then taped them on to white paper and scanned them back into my computer. This stark contrast would allow me to save this picture as a 1 bit image, black and white. Scanning this image into the software for the X-Carve then becomes stupid simple, because it now has the edges of the shapes that I need it to cut!!!
    Name:  book_corners3.jpg
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    Once imported, and set up, I had the X-Carve cut the shapes I needed. Effectively 3 shapes per corner, 8 corners = 24 pieces.
    I also needed to cut out the center embellishments. Center pieces of the front and back of the book covers. For this I employed some friends of mine that were *nuch* better with this type of work. They cleaned up the digital image and gave me the center shape I needed in the black/white format that was required.
    Name:  outline_black.jpg
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    After cutting them out, I filed and sanded the edges down to clean up the shapes.
    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments10.jpg
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    I then got to use Worbla!!! If you have never used this stuff.... I highly recommend looking into it. Very popular in cosplay, I opted to cover the wood pieces in a layer of Worbla to give it more of a metal feel. I didnt want to just prime and sand the wood embellishments and paint them to look metal... wood has a certain feel. The worbla covering alters that texture, and gave me additional flexibility in creating the drawn out edges of the metal. Additionally, once painted, the surface will not feel like painted wood.
    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments08.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments09.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments11.jpg
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    After finishing up the basic worbla treatments, I put them on the book frame to test perspective, size and general fit.
    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments03.jpg
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    After taking that picture, I did a quick mockup using the brown leather I intend to use for the book binding:
    Name:  D3_BoC_CornerEmblishments01.jpg
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    It is real leather, not sure of the hide. Cappuccino brown. The texture will make a nice design counter to all of the embellishments. Additionally, in the Blizzard Book of Cain, it looks like dragon scales, but unfortunately Tandy Leather was out of dragon leather when I went...
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    So, exciting updates to follow!!!

    So when working on the worbla coverings of the corner embellishments, I wrapped it under the pieces. This leads to them not sitting flat and flush.
    Name:  D3_BoC01.jpg
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    So I needed to sand those down in order for all of the pieces to look uniform. Break out the Dremel with a sanding drum:
    Name:  D3_BoC02.jpg
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    Ahhh! That's better!!!

    only.... 26...
    Name:  D3_BoC03.jpg
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    Well, got that knocked out! Time to get the leather on the book! The trick here was to get the leather around the book, keeping the proper distance between the pieces for the spline of the book. After I had my measurements out, and my pieces placed, I went out and purchased some E6000 adhesive. *STELLAR* stuff. Leather on wood is a difficult join to begin with. But then put the pressure of stretching the leather and the stress it puts on those edge joints. 6000 handled it fine. I used clamps and some pieces of flat aluminium stock to apply equal pressure around the frame.
    Name:  D3_BoC05.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC06.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC07.jpg
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    Now, in that last picture, you can see that I have a gap in the wooden pieces. That is for the book spline. Initially, I was going to carve a solid piece of wood to make the desired shape, but quickly realized that when the book opened, the solid piece would not allow the spline the range of motion needed. So.... then I brainstormed and came up with the idea of flat, aluminium stock, cut into lengths that would allow the leather to bend naturally, but the stock would offer ribs of support.
    Close... but not good enough. I knew what I needed was on the tip of my tongue.... I just needed to think a bit more.
    Orrrrr, it was right in front of my eyes!

    Name:  D3_BoC22.jpg
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    Bamboo blinds!!! PERFECT!!!

    I took the dimensions of that rectangular area previously, and had already cut a single piece of wood, so that acted as my template for how big of a piece of these blinds I needed. After tracing out my section on the blinds, I put dabs of hot glue on the string holding the blinds together, so that they would not fray apart. I then cut the blinds between the two rows of glue dots, and ended up with a piece of the blinds that was equivalent to the solid wood piece I had cut out earlier. I then placed that in the spline space between the pieces... and it worked PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!
    Name:  D3_BoC26.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC29.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC31.jpg
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    Name:  D3_BoC32.jpg
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    So very happy with how that came out....
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