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Thread: My take on the ultimate lan case: the BUTLER P-47.

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    My take on the ultimate lan case: the BUTLER P-47.

    I'm starting my first build; going a bit ambitious for my skill level (scratch build!) so always glad to hear your opinions. Here are my criteria (not in order of importance):

    1. Integrated speakers
    2. Integrated line power, including surge protector.
    3. Integated monitor.
    4. Amazing air flow, positive pressure--intake in bottom and clear flow path to top heat exhaust.
    5. All front-panel connectivity.
    6. Retro (think WWII) flight panel control and readouts (analog gauges, toggles, and etc.)
    7. Aluminum build from scratch.
    8. Moderate budget (this explains some of my component choices).
    9. Water cooled CPU, air cooled GPU (for now).
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    Conceptual layout.

    Basic layout (Solidworks cad). Note that the side, back, and monitor mount panels are not shown, neither are the Amazon basic speakers on either side of the control panel. Airflow is in through the bottom, through the radiator, and out through the top. Gauges on front panel are (left to right) intake fan 0-15 VDC, exhaust fan 0-15 VDC, 0-0.25 inH2O (inside case vs. atmospheric). I plan on having greater than the standard fan area worth of grill/filter in the bottom air chamber to minimize intake restriction.

    Also note that I'm doing away with the standard rear panel IO! I'm moving all the necessary IO to direct connect and panel mount extensions. There will be a 1" gap between the motherboard mount panel and the case wall that mounts the monitor to route cables through.

    Toggles are (by column): Column 1: Line power on/off (will have red toggle cover), Column 2: Momentary system power, momentary reset, constant led on/off. Column 3: Intake fan on/off, intake fan 3 position speed. Column 4: Exhaust fan on/off, exhaust fan 3 position speed.

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    Note: For sizing (I'll be using different hardware but the sizes should be very close), I used models from Grabcad: an Asus Gene (Author: Yang Ji), a model of a ASUS GTX 980 Matrix (wanted to size for a very large card) (Author: Yang Ji), and a ATX power supply model (Author: Pedro Navarro).

    I've got some of the basic frame and the front panel nearly done. Pictures to follow. I'm also floating this log over at
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    Cool idea! Why carry it? Make a retractable handle, add some wheels on the lower back and now you can roll it to where ever you want to go. ;-)
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    Materials (thus far):

    Design decisions:

    1. Rivet instead of welding/brazing
    2. Motherboard tray and front instrument panel = painted black, remainder = polished aluminum.
    3. One 240 radiator (on intake), two 120 mm intake fans, two 120 mm exhaust fans. The fans will be connected to 3 way toggle giving high, medium, and low speeds.


    -Aluminum sheet, 0.060" (Local metal supply store)
    -Aluminum tubing (0.050") from EZTUBE (sized for friction fittings), 1"x1" square
    -Friction fittings for the tubing (EZTUBE), elbows, tees, four-ways, and etc.
    -Riveting tool and 1/8 grip x 1/8 diameter pop rivets. (Stanley, from HD)
    -Self-etch primer (Rust-Oleum, from HD)
    -Flat black enamel paint (Rust-Oleum, HD)
    -Wet/Dry sandpaper in 400, 800, 1200, 2000 grit (3M, HD). I have some rougher grit (dry only) on hand already at home. I've read that you don't want to go below 80 on aluminum.

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    Standard household socket and equipment wire from HD
    Toggles and gauges from McMaster and Mouser (three way selector switch from Mouser).
    Surge protector (Tripp-Lite, will be mounted on side of case):

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    Panel voltmeter (x2) and panel manometer (x1):

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    Was waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the EVGA SC 1070, but got sick of it and went with the Asus. I've had a STRIX before and was very happy with it; plus the lighting will work better. The only downside is the obscene card length. It will fit, but I wanted more clearance between the card and the radiator.

    Fans: Cooler Master JetFlo 120 x 4
    LED: Nanoxia CoolForce 20cm red LED bar
    Monitor: Acer GN246HL (not really worthy of the build, but is 144Hz and within budget). I've been haunting eBay for a s2716dg (Dell 1440p 27" 144hz w/ gsync) but can't snag one within budget. Another day, perhaps.
    HD: Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB. (Again, a price issue. Hunting a M.2 PCIe 3.0 x 4 drive but as I can get twice the capacity in a SATA III for the $150, will have to upgrade later).

    Various panel mount cords to route the necessary IO to the right side of the front of the case.

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    The front panel begins!

    Cut out material from 0.060" aluminum sheet:

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    Prep bending brake ($36 harbor freight special...but hey, it worked) and bend material. Panel is ~33 from vertical. Scribe for instruments and toggles.

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    motherboard tray, starting frame, paint

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    - - - Updated - - -

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